Now That Macrium Reflect Is No Longer Free, What Are You Using for Image and File Backups?

I have used the Macrium Reflect Free edition for many years, but it is no longer free now. Under such circumstances, what can I use for file backup and hard drive imaging? Thanks in advance!

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Jerry· Answered on Mar 15, 2024

Since Macrium Reflect is no longer free, you cannot use its functions for free. Under such circumstances, you can use a free backup tool - EaseUS Todo Backup - to help you back up your files or image a hard drive. It has every function that the free edition of Macrium Reflect has.

Macrium Reflect Free is a free version of Macrium Reflect to back up or clone your hard disk, operating system, or partitions for Windows PCs. It can also help you restore your backup in case of a hard drive failure or system crash.

However, the free edition of Macrium Reflect does not allow you to back up your files or folders, and it offers no incremental or Cloud backup to its users. In addition, after 1st January 2024, Macrium Reflect will not offer a free version. If you still want to use Macrium Reflect, you must upgrade to Macrium Reflect Home, a paid version.

Fortunately, you can use another free software to help you back up your files or image a hard drive. It is called EaseUS Todo Backup.

It is a free backup and recovery tool for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7. It lets you automatically back up your files, disks, systems, and computer apps and store the backups in different locations, such as local or external disks, NAS, Security Zone, and Cloud.

In addition, it can help you back up files in a Windows PC to an external hard drive and perform full, incremental, and differential backups. Most importantly, it offers 250g Cloud storage for free.

Macrium Reflect Free is no longer free anymore. If you want to back up your files or image your hard drive, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup, the best alternative to Macrium Reflect.

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