Is Cloning a Hard Drive Legal?

I have an SSD with Windows installed and want to increase its capacity. I want to clone my current SSD to a new one, but I am unsure whether I can legally do this with cloning software. Is cloning a hard drive legal?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 21, 2022

Yes, cloning a hard drive is completely legal.

In most cases, when we plan to upgrade the Windows hard drive, we will do this to avoid any data loss. After the cloning, the new drive can boot the Windows and improve your computer performance.

If Microsoft doesn't like that, don't worry; they will contact you via "Windows Activation":P. You might need a license key if it asks you for one or indicates it needs to be enabled. The Microsoft Activation algorithm won't detect any issues if you attach the hard drive to the same hardware and won't prompt you to re-activate.

As for how to clone a hard drive, you can use the third-party disk cloning software: EaseUS Todo Backup. With its help, you can finish the hard disk cloning with a few simple clicks.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a multi-functional backup and recovery tool with powerful cloning functions. It allows you to clone a C drive to SSD in Windows 10 and clone a hard drive. You can back up your disk, systems, and files and save the backups to more than one location, such as the local drive, NAS, Cloud, and Security Zone. Besides, it lets you create an iso image from a hard drive and back up your favorite game saves on your computers. It is worth noting that it offers you 250G free cloud storage.

It is completely legal if you are cloning your drive or a drive authorized by another person. Cloning a hard drive with your Windows OS installed is also legal. With the help of cloning software such as EaseUS Todo Backup, cloning a hard drive will be a breeze.

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