How to Clone Larger Disk to Smaller Disk Macrium Reflect?

I'm planning to create a clone of my 500GB hard drive to a smaller one because there is a mount of wasted space. My friend suggested me use Macrium Reflect. Do I have to resize the partition to make it smaller first? Can anyone tell me more about this tool? I appreciate any help!

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Jerry· Answered on Apr 15, 2024

You can do this with Macrium Reflect as long as the new drive is big enough to hold all the data you need.

Macrium Reflect is a good choice for cloning a larger drive to a smaller one or SSD. It is one of its main features. That's why Macrium Reflect remains one of the top choices for cloning Windows drives. Clone a hard drive to another to improve your computer performance and solve space limitations issues.

As a friendly and multifunctional disk cloning and imaging program, Macrium Reflect can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. The free version can perform full and differential backups, image or clone a hard drive, and create a scheduled backup.

Note: Make sure all the significant data are backed up and both partition styles of the two drives are the same before the job.

Here are the steps for cloning a larger disk to a smaller disk with the tool.

Step 1. Open Macrium Reflect.

Step 2. Choose the source disk and select a destination disk.

Step 3. Click the destination disk to which you want to perform a clone.

Step 4. Click and drag the partitions from the source disk.

Step 5. Click Next when all partitions have been dragged over to the target drive.

Step 6. Click Next, and you will see a summary of what you're going to clone.

Step 7. Click Finish and OK.

However, you may encounter some issues when using Macrium Reflect, such as the Macrium Reflect clone failed error and low speed of cloning. Additionally, Macrium Reflect Free will be discontinued in 2024. In this case, you might want another reliable software to help you out.

The professional cloning software EaseUS Disk Copy provides you with an easy-to-use interface and fast cloning speed. Such a dependable tool can do you a big favor in cloning a larger disk to a smaller one.

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