How Do I Clone My Old SSD to My New SSD?

I have my operating system (Windows 10) on a small SSD intended only to hold my operating system (everything else is stored elsewhere). However, I'm running out of space on this SSD, and since they are so affordable right now, I want to buy a larger SSD. How do I clone my old SSD to my new SSD?

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Jerry· Answered on Nov 15, 2023

The easiest way to clone your old SSD to a new SSD is to use professional disk cloning software.

You should use a cloning utility that creates an exact copy of everything on the old drive if you plan to keep the OS. Copying and pasting to the new drive is the simplest method when dealing with various files produced by programs or operating systems.

However, both require you to use an external connection to attach the new disk to the computer to transfer files. Transferring data "temporarily" to an HDD and then back to an SSD is not smart. Instead, you should use different drives or partitions for your OS, software, and files. Backing up is significantly simpler and quicker as a result.

To clone your old SSD to a new SSD, you can try to use EaseUS Disk Copy.

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It is an easy-to-use and practical cloning tool that can help you clone HDD to SSD or HDD to SSD. It can help clone systems, disks, and partitions on Windows 11/10/8/7. It is ideal for cloning your hard drive to a larger drive without reinstalling the system.

Using professional cloning software is the easiest and quickest way to clone your old SSD to a new one.

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