Will I Lose Everything in my SSD When Upgrading my Motherboard?

Something is wrong with my PC's motherboard, so I want to replace it. But I worry that I will lose everything in my SSD after I upgrade my motherboard. So, my question is, will I lose everything in my SSD when upgrading my motherboard?

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Jerry· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

No. When you upgrade or replace your motherboard, you will lose nothing in your SSD. You only lose your Windows license if you change your motherboard. So, search up and note down your current Windows license key, and register your license by calling Microsoft support to replace your motherboard.

An SSD is only a disk, a storage device. Any associated disks won't be affected if the motherboard (or any other component) is changed. Disks used to occasionally have specific "geometry", which could hinder the new motherboard from correctly recognizing the disk's partitions. Today, geometry is handled by the same LBA system across all drives; thus, this is not a problem. Whether the OS you have on your SSD will function with a different set of hardware is a completely different issue.

Your PC can access the SSD data that contains music, pictures, films, etc. If the operating system is stored on the SSD, compatibility issues between the motherboards may arise. Applications may need to be reinstalled if any program settings stored in the system registry need to be changed.

It is a relief that you will not lose anything on your SSD when changing the motherboard. However, you must regularly create a backup in case your SSD malfunctions or something unfortunate happens. At this time, professional SSD backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup, comes to help.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a multifunctional backup utility for backing up a computer's files, systems, disks, and partitions. It allows you to back SSD to HDD automatically and back up SSD to an image. Furthermore, it allows you to create full, differential, and incremental backups to meet your different backup needs. You can utilize it to back up your SSD in a few simple clicks.

You will not lose everything on your SSD when upgrading the motherboard, but backing up your SSD regularly with EaseUS Todo Backup is a nice practice.

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