Does Samsung SSD Have Cloning Software?

I am using a Samsung laptop with a Samsung HDD installed. And my operating system is installed on the HDD, but the HDD is almost full. So I want to replace the HDD with a new Samsung SSD. Does Samsung SSD come with cloning software?

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Jerry· Answered on Sep 19, 2023

Yes, Samsung SSD has cloning software called Samsung Data Migration (SDM).

Samsung Data Migration enables you to transfer all the data, including the user data, operating system, and applications, from the existing hard drive to a Samsung SSD on Windows 7/8/10. It supports cloning HDD to Samsung SSD.

  • Connect the Samsung SSD to your computer.
  • After installation and launch, Samsung Data Migration will automatically scan any attached storage device.
  • To start the disk scan and diagnosis, click Start.
  • Select the source and target disks.
  • To clone the hard drive, click Start, then wait for it to complete.

In addition, you can use professional cloning software, such as EaseUS Disk Copy, to help you clone an HDD to Samsung SSD.

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EaseUS Disk Copy is a practical, all-in-one cloning tool for Windows 11/10/8/7. It allows you to transfer the C drive to a new SSD and clone your system, disk, partitions, etc. You can use it to clone your OS from HDD to SSD or SSD to SSD and upgrade your hard drive to a larger one.

In addition, it lets you clone a hard drive with bad sectors and clone a hard drive while the OS is running.

Compared with Samsung Data Migration, EaseUS Disk Copy is a better choice for cloning your HDD to Samsung SSD because SDM only supports cloning the current system drive on your PC to the SSD, and it cannot clone open files.

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Use EaseUS Disk Copy to upgrade small HDD, replace old/failed hard drive, migrate OS, clone HDD to SSD without reinstalling data.

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