Does Creating a Recovery Drive Delete Everything?

I want to create a recovery drive for my computer. But I need to find out whether creating a recovery disk will delete everything on it. Does creating a recovery drive delete everything?

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Jerry· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Creating a new recovery drive for an operating system will erase everything on the recovery drive itself. However, once the recovery disk has been made, it can still be manually used as a storage disk by employing the unused space.

Restoring the computer to its initial state is the function of a recovery drive. The factory settings or a replica of your Windows environment may now be considered the original state. It is comparable to an Android factory reset. It resembles computer formatting in many ways.

The creation of a recovery disk is a smart move. In this way, you can reinstall Windows using the recovery disc in case your PC ever encounters a significant problem, such as hardware failure. Microsoft advises creating a recovery drive at least 16 gigabytes in size when it comes to the size of the Windows 10 recovery USB.

Using a professional tool is an easy way to create a recovery drive. Under such circumstances, EaseUS Todo Backup Home comes to help.

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Creating a recovery drive will delete everything on the drive. You can also use EaseUS Todo Backup to create a backup of the drive before creating the recovery drive.

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