Does a System Image Backup Everything?🔥

Hi, I want to create a system image of my Windows 10 computer for data recovery in case something goes wrong with my PC. But does a system backup everything on my computer?

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Jerry· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

No, a system image will not back up everything on your Windows computer. It can only back up your OS and installed programs on your hard drive.

Generally speaking, a system image is a snapshot or a copy of a hard drive on your computer. It is only a backup of everything on your computer's hard drive. With a system image, you can return everything as it was without reinstalling Windows and programs if your PC stops working or your hard drive crashes.

There are 2 ways to help you create a system image on your Windows computer: using professional system backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup or Windows built-in backup program - Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Way 1. Using Backup and Restore

  • Step 1. Connect an external disk, such as a USB drive, to your PC.
  • Step 2. Click Start and then go to Settings - Update & Security - Backup - Backup and Restore (Windows 7). Then, tap Create a system image.
  • Step 3. Under On a hard disk, select the external drive as your destination disk to keep the system image, and click on Next.
  • Step 4. By default, the System and the System Reserved partition will be included. Click on Next.
  • Step 5. Confirm the backup settings again and press Start backup to start creating a system image.

However, it is worth noting that Windows Backup and Restore cannot back up everything on your computer.

Way 2. Using System Backup Software

The best way to help you create a system image is to use a professional system backup tool. To this end, EaseUS Todo Backup can suit you well, which can help you create a Windows system image on a USB drive easily and quickly.

It is a practical backup and recovery utility designed for Windows computers. It can help you automatically back up systems, disks, files, computer apps, etc. In addition, it can help transfer Windows to another computer. Most importantly, it lets you have 250G Cloud storage for free.

A system image does not include everything on your computer. It would be best to utilize professional backup software such as EaseUS Todo Backup to help you back up everything on your computer.

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