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Modern technology is confident about the need for virtualization in future digitization. Whether it is about online classes or working from home, virtual machines are becoming necessary for hi-tech digital organizations. Virtual machines or VMs can be the leaders regarding improved efficiencies with the same resources. So, have you wondered about what is VMware?

VMware is the leading virtualization and cloud computing software from Dell Technologies. Let us explore all about virtual machinery and cloud technology along with the top reasons what is VMware used for in detail. We’ll understand VMware and its seamless working in this write-up. Starting with what is VMware all about?

What Is VMware?


VMware is based out of Palo Alto, Calif, and was founded in 1998, acquired by the EMC Corporation in 2004, and again acquired by Dell Technologies in 2016. It offers virtualization technologies based on bare-metal hypervisor ESX/ESXi in x86 architecture. VMware helps users create a virtual machine on their computer easily.

What Is VMware Used for?

VMware works seamlessly in offering the best benefits of cloud technology in realizing the virtualization features for the users. Before jumping to the quick working of VMware, it is necessary to have an overview of what VMware is used for. The top use cases of VMware are:

  • Improved resource management: VMware allows businesses to run multiple operating system workloads and applications on one server.
  • Improved flexibility of computing environment: VMware offers different partitioning, scheduling, and constraints to enable businesses to get the best out of their hardware and resources investments. Thus, businesses can operate in a highly flexible computing environment.
  • Reduced IT costs: It is easy for businesses to reduce their IT operational costs as the virtual machine behaves like a real computer only. Hence, everything running on VM can run in the system’s window.
  • Quick and safe software installation: VMware ensures that businesses can install and test software without any danger to the real system.  Further, VM machine supports software that is not compatible with the real system easily.

 Let us move to the detailed understanding of how does VMware work?

How Does VMware Work?

It is necessary to know about the top offerings of VMware before understanding its working. So, the top VMware products include:

  • Data center and cloud infrastructure
  • Networking and security
  • SDDC platform
  • Storage and availability
  • Cloud management platform
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Digital workspace and enterprise mobility management
  • Personal Desktop

The working of VMware can be understood by the following steps:

  1. A hypervisor is installed on the physical server to allow the running of multiple virtual machines (VMs) using the VMware server virtualization. These run on the same physical server.
  2. Every VM can run its own operating system (OS) and hence multiple operating systems can run on one physical server.
  3. The different VMs on the same physical server share different resources like RAM, networking, etc.
  4. The hypervisor can run containerized workloads in the Kubernetes cluster.

So, you can continue reading the following article to learn more about VMware:

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Hope everything is clear about what VMware is to you. It comes as a one-stop solution for the different needs of multi-cloud businesses. Some key offerings of VMware are app platforms, cloud infrastructure, networking, anywhere workspace, security, telco cloud, etc. It is easy to understand the detailed working of VMware and its different products.

VMware is lending a helping hand to all businesses leveraging the power of cloud technology and virtualization in daily operations. It can improve business efficiency, reduce costs, introduce cloud technology benefits, etc., in any business. It is all about optimizing virtualization and cloud technology. When asked about the top factors that are VMware used for?

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