What Is Disk Utility on Mac? Introduction to the Storage Device Manager on macOS

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Disk Utility on mac is a vital element of the device. So, what exactly is it? Mac is filled with intriguing features and alternatives. If you're a Windows user, finding various things on Mac might be a problem. One example is using the common Windows explorer and switching to Mac's Finder.

However, one of the most vital tools within any macOS is the Disk Utility. So, what is Disk Utility on Mac? What does it do? And how does it work? To answer all these questions, we'll take an extensive look at the storage manager of macOS. So, let's get started.

What Is Disk Utility on Mac?

Disk Utility on mac is a storage-handling device manager. This utility allows Mac users to manage their devices and storage units efficiently. The purpose of this utility is to give the total command to the users.

So, this means you can use this tool to create and handle partitions. However, in the early days of Mac, it was available under the title of Disk First Aid. It acted as secondary storage management rather than a tool designed for it.

However, during the era of macOS X Panther, the utility was divided into two sections. This included Disk Copy and Disk Utility. The first helped you copy data and create images, while the latter helped partition, format, and alter storage partitions.

It wasn't until macOS X Tiger that Disk Utility was merged and presented as a singular storage device manager to mac users. Now, it's been the primary disk and storage utility within mac for over 17 years.

What Does Disk Utility on Mac Do?

The purpose of Disk Utility on mac isn't just to create partitions or format them. Instead, it's an in-built and full storage solution for mac users. That's why it can do many tasks for a mac user, such as:

  • Create, format, or manage an internal hard drive—including on laptops
  • Encrypt storage with password protection
  • Mount, unmount, eject, or image a disk or partition
  • Combine disks into a singular RAID system
  • Create images to move your macOS files and settings to another macOS-based system
  • Diagnose and try to fix issues with damaged volumes and partitions

These are some of the key factors of macOS. It doesn't only help you tend to these aspects of partitions but also disk-related problems. So, you may want to use mac's Disk Utility if you're facing issues such as:

  • Issues with startup or drive errors
  • External devices not showing or working
  • Adding a new hard drive or external device
  • Repair a damaged disk, etc.

Thus, it's a vital utility for mac users and allows them to handle all these operations efficiently.

How To Open Disk Utility on mac Work?

The working of macOS' Disk Utility depends on your requirement. It all comes down to the purpose for which you want to use it. So, let's say you simply wish to launch Disk Utility, then you'd do this:

Step 1. Tap on Launchpad on macOS

Step 2. Type Disk Utility

Step 3. Click "Disk Utility" icon

Step 4. Done

Then, if you wish to use Disk Utility through the finder, then you'd have to do this:

Step1. Open Finder

Step 2. Head into the Go menu

Step 3. Find and click "Utilities"

Step 4. Double click "Disk Utilities" icon

Using either of these ways will help you open Disk Utility on your macOS computer.


These are the key aspects you need to know about the macOS Disk Utility app. This allows you to not only cater to your partition requirements in a macOS but also handle them. Then, you can use the Disk Utility as a viable way to create images or transfer data to another macOS device.


If you have any questions, then here are some frequently asked ones:

1. Why can't I find Disk Utility on Mac?

If you cannot locate Disk Utility in either Launchpad or Utilities, try using spotlight. In order to do that, you'd have to press Command + Space Bar on your keyboard. Then, type Disk utility until it pops up on your device.

2. Should I use Disk Utility on my Mac Device?

If you're looking to create a partition or make images of your data, then you should use Disk Utility on mac. Other use cases include if you wish to fix any disk-related issues.

3. How often should you use Disk Utility on a mac device?

Suppose you're looking to keep your partitions and operating system healthy. In that case, you should be using Disk Utility at least once every 3-4 months.

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