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Acer is one of the most famous computer brands, and its computers are widely used worldwide. In this post offered by EaseUS, let's talk about the Acer boot menu. What is in the startup menu? How do you access it?

What Is Acer Boot Menu

The boot menu, as its name implies, is a menu that is responsible for booting your computer. By default, you do not see the boot menu (also known as the startup menu) when you normally boot your computer. But if you are careful enough, you will find a prompt on the screen that tells you which button to press for easy access to the boot menu.

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The Acer boot menu contains many options: system information, boot device options, BIOS settings, etc., just like the startup menu on other computers. These options are helpful and useful when you have special needs or have problems that need to be solved by changing the settings in the boot menu.

Tips to Access Acer Boot Menu

After knowing the basic information about the Acer boot menu, it is time to describe how to access the Acer boot menu. Acer has many computer models, but the Acer startup menu key differs. F12 is the most commonly used button for accessing the Acer Startup menu on laptops.

How to Access Acer Boot Menu

Step 1. Shut down the Acer laptop.

Step 2. Press F12 on your keyboard from the start.

Step 3. Once in the startup menu, you can navigate to the appropriate boot options and change them by pressing the arrow keys.

Esc and F9 are the two other keys commonly used to access the Acer startup menu for Windows 10.

acer boot menu keys

Some Acer laptops disable the F12 boot menu by default. Therefore, it must be enabled in the BIOS if necessary.

How to Enable F12 Boot Menu on Acer

Step 1. Hold down F12 to access the boot menu on your Acer laptop.

Step 2. Press the right arrow button to access the Main menu tab.

Step 3. Tap the down arrow to choose F12 Boot Menu.

Step 4. Tap Enter to alter the status from Disabled to Enabled.

enable F12 boot menu on acer

You may want to know the hottest Acer computers and laptops.
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Tips to Access Acer BIOS

The Acer BIOS (basic input/output System) is part of the Acer boot menu. You can define the devices to use, boot order, and settings for BIOS-related functions in the BIOS Settings menu. The Acer BIOS key most frequently pressed to access the BIOS Settings menu is F2. If this does not work, you can access the BIOS menu by pressing Del, another key commonly used on Acer computers.

You can pause the boot sequence by pressing the F2 key after starting/restarting the computer. This is a simple way to trigger the Acer BIOS menu, but you should keep pressing the button to avoid missing the correct window and time. Once the Acer Laptop Startup menu appears on your computer screen, you can use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to get the information you need or change certain Settings.

Final Thoughts

This article tells you what the Acer boot menu is. The boot menu is important for you to boot Acer. You should know the Acer boot menu and BIOS, especially if you want to change the boot order (boot from another device) or experience boot failure. Hopefully, you can get what you want to know in this article.

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