3 Steps: How to Fix PCL XL Error in Printer Windows 10/11

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Background Introduction

When it comes to taking out a printout of your document, it is a seamless task, and you can accomplish it in a go. Though, sometimes due to inevitable consequences, you may face hindrances in handling communication with the printer. For example, in such a scenario, "PCL XL Error in Printer" occurs on the PC screen. This error commonly occurs in laser jet printers when you send more than the required limit of pages to the queue.  

Also, you get to see this message on the screen if corruption occurs or the printer's driver becomes obsolete. It may occur due to updates of the OS or any conflict experienced from software related to third parties. We will discuss this issue in depth and suggest the proper measures to resolve them.

fix pcl xl error in printer

What is the PCL XL Error?

HP has developed Printer Command Language (PCL) for its inkjet printers. You can also call PCL 6 PCL XL. It is a powerful driver that you can use for printing purposes. PCL XL is optimized to print using the GUI interface as Windows and compresses for optimization.

The PCL XL error arises when you print multiple documents simultaneously. For example, a corrupt printer driver can be one of the culprits behind this issue. Sometimes due to faulty printer settings also, you may face this error.

What Causes the PCL XL Error? 

Whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, you can experience the PCL XL Error in Printer on any OS. However, there are certain characters in the stream for printing your data that the printer cannot understand, which creates an error.

There may be various causes that lead to the issue as:

  • The system font needs to be parsed in a specific or proper manner by the printer.
  • The competing apps like antivirus running on the system, suite for print management, etc., may interfere with the print data stream, making the characters not translatable.
  • The driver for the printer has turned corrupt or outdated, leading to scenarios of incompatibility with modules for printing.
  • Sometimes the user profile gets corrupted, and the characters get non-parseable in the task for printing.

Solution 1. Rebooting the Service for Print Spooler

Sometimes while operating the printer, when you send a printing command, the spooler service gets stuck, creating the PCL XL Error in Printer. In such a scenario, you can try restarting the service and see if the issue got resolved.

Useful Steps:

Step 1. Tap on Windows, click on "Services" after that and right-click on the same. Choose the "Run as administrator" option.

Step 2. In case you get a UAC prompt, tap on "Yes" and then make a right click on "Print Spooler".

reboot the print spooler service

Step 3. Once you restart the printer, you have to see whether the issue is resolved or is still existing.

Solution 2. Performing a Cold Restart

Sometimes temporary communication issues occur between the printer and the system, which may lead to PCL XL Error in Printer. For example, when you make a cold restart of the printer causing the issue, the equipment used for networking, and the system, it may resolve the problem. 

Useful Steps:

Step 1. Switch off the printer, networking equipment like extenders, routers, etc., and the computer.

Step 2. Halt for 5 minutes after removing the power cables from the mentioned devices.

Step 3. After reconnecting the devices, turn the router on.

Step 4. Before you make a system reboot, let the lights get settled.

Step 5. Once the system gets booted, turn the printer on and wait till it gets operational fully. 

Step 6. Check whether the working of the printer is resumed.

If the solution mentioned earlier does not work out for you, check whether the printer works skillfully on another system. Also, find out if the problem arising is due to a particular or single file and whether you can print it using another method. If you cannot execute the operation even on another PC, then inspect the file for other issues.

Solution 3. Rename the File in Association With Your Printer

You can try renaming your file to overcome the PCL XL Error in Printer and see if it works.

Useful Steps:

Step 1: Go ahead by pressing "Windows key + E" from your keyboard. It will allow the launching of File Explorer.

Step 2: Then, by navigating, reach the location: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3

Step 3: After that, you have to filter your files showing only some specific ones with the .gpd extension. Locate "Type" and tap on the arrow given alongside.

Step 4: Make a selection for the GPD file.

Step 5: Make changes in the file name as per your preferences. Before giving new words to your files, ensure you have created a successful backup.

Step 6: Now save the amendments you made and get your PC started again.

Once your system gets booted, try to print the required documents again and see if the solution works for you.


Printers are helpful devices that make your day out of imagination while at the office. With a lot of paperwork, printers are a handy tool that helps transfer useful information from soft to hard copy. However, sometimes your HP laserjet printer poses an issue while printing. It may happen due to problems with the printer drivers, need adjustments in printing preferences, etc. We hope our suggested finds be helpful for you and that you can resolve the PCL XL Error in Printer instantly.

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