Nintendo Switch 2: Everything We Need to Know About Switch Successor

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Nintendo produced the Nintendo Switch, a worldwide video game console released on March 3, 2017. The Switch, which debuted in the midst of the eighth generation of home consoles and replaced the Wii U, faced competition from Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, as well as from Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S and Sony's Xbox 5, which are the ninth generation of consoles.

In that case, the demand for a successor to the Nintendo Switch has been on the rise. Fortunately, good news is coming. EaseUS will tell you something about Switch's potential successor - Nintendo Switch 2. Let's begin!

When Is Nintendo Switch 2 Coming Out

Previous rumors claim Nintendo intended to launch a new console in late 2024, but Nintendo has not acknowledged any of them publicly so far. This has just changed. Nintendo has confirmed that the announcement will come within the fiscal year before March 31, 2025.

Based on the announcement and availability of the original Nintendo Switch, it appears reasonable to conclude that it will launch later that year. This is consistent with earlier rumors from the Japanese publication Nikkei, which stated that the console is anticipated to launch in 2025.

What Are Switch 2 Expected Specs and Features

Rumors indicate the Switch 2 will have an 8-inch LCD screen with 1080P resolution. The most current rumors about possible Nintendo Switch 2 specifications originate from a spec sheet made by "RedGamingTech," also known as Paul Eccleston, a YouTube video maker.

nintendo switch 2

According to this spec sheet, the Nintendo Switch 2 will include 64GB of internal eMMC storage, 8GB of RAM, and an eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor. This would still be a power gain over the current Nintendo Switch models, even though it is not as remarkable as the PS5 or Xbox Series X. It also indicates that the Switch 2 may offer improved battery life, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and a 7-inch OLED display, which contradicts previous rumors that we may see a mini-LED display for the screen.

According to some manufacturers, Switch 2 still supports the existing Joy-Con and Pro gamepads, is still equipped with an ALPS two-axis linear motor, and supports HD vibration. It still has a Type-C interface under the support base and supports 4K output picture quality. The back of Switch 2 has a damping bracket, which can be adjusted to a larger range.

How Much Will Switch 2 Cost

Official pricing details for Switch 2 or Switch Pro have yet to be disclosed. Speculation suggests the regular model costs $299, while the OLED version costs $349. Given that the Switch 2 will likely feature improved hardware, the asking pricing will likely be higher than these figures.

Some rumors suggest that it will cost $449 for a standard model and $400 for a digital-only version. If this is true, it will be a significant price increase, but it still undercuts some other handheld rivals, like ASUS ROG Ally and the Steam Deck.

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Will Nintendo Switch 2 Be Backwards Compatible

Yes, Nintendo Switch 2 will be backward-compatible, which means you can play games from previous console generations. Good news for those who aren't planning to switch to the Switch 2 immediately: Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa disclosed in an interview with Nikkei (VGC) that the company will maintain the existing Nintendo Switch until at least 2025. 

Shuntaro Furukawa did, however, go into a little more detail about that in a Nintendo financial results announcement at the conclusion of FY22. He says the business is "concentrating on creating enduring relationships with our customers (through Nintendo Accounts)". We hope to preserve relationships between hardware generations through services that make use of Nintendo Accounts and by giving customers a chance to experience our intellectual property through non-gaming channels, all the while releasing new Nintendo Switch games for them to enjoy." 

Though Nintendo Switch 2 spec reports do indicate that the future hardware would retain the cartridge slot, you should be able to play your physical Switch games on Switch 2 when it launches. That does, at the very least, suggest some sort of digital backward compatibility.

What Are Nintendo Switch 2 Games Lineup Expectations

Although Switch games remain a mystery, possibilities are on the horizon. On a probable list come Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion 4, Fallout 4, and Helldivers 2, which may be released along with the Nintendo Switch 2 upon the gaming console's release. However, since Switch 2 will be backward-compatible, Switch games can be playable on the new console. 

How To Backup Nintendo Switch Game Saves

You can upload the game save to the Cloud to back up game saves on your Switch if you are a member. Here is the detailed steps:

1️⃣To back up game save data from software menu:

  • Step 1. Open your game's software menu and choose Save Data Cloud Backup.
  • Step 2. Choose the desired user, then select Back Up Save Data.

2️⃣To back up game save data from System Settings:

  • Step 1. Select System Settings > Data Management > Save Data Cloud Backup in the HOME Menu.
  • Step 2. Choose the desired user. Click the software to back up, then choose Back Up Save Data.

3️⃣To back up game save data using professional backup software:

However, some users reported they could not upload to the Cloud and did not want to pay for the membership. Under such circumstances, you can try free backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup to help you back up the Switch save data. You need to remove the SD card from the Switch, connect it to your computer, and download and run EaseUS backup software.

todo backup image

EaseUS Todo Backup is a free and multifunctional backup & recovery utility for Windows and Mac computers. It can help you automatically back up game saves to the Cloud, external drives, NAS, and security zones. In addition, it provides incremental backups, scheduled backups, and differential backups to suit your different needs.

Once you have created a backup with Todo Backup, you can recover it whenever needed. It can also allow you to easily perform disk cloning to upgrade your Switch storage.

To Wrap Things Up

The next generation of the Nintendo Switch console, whether the Switch 2, New Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro, or something else, has always fascinated enthusiasts since the console's initial release in 2017. This article tells about the Nintendo Switch 2, its release date, specs, prices, leaks, coming games, and so on. Anticipation is high for what it will bring to us.


1. What is the latest upcoming Nintendo console?

It is reported that Nintendo will release Switch's successor in 2025, but its name and specs have not been publicized.

2. Can Nintendo Switch 2 support 4K?

According to some manufacturers, Switch will have 64GB of internal eMMC storage, 8GB of RAM, an eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor, improved battery life, a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 7-inch OLED display, Type-C interface, and 4K output picture quality. 

3. Can Nintendo Switch 2 have VR support?

Nintendo has dabbled in virtual reality (VR) technology through Nintendo Labo, but a truly VR experience akin to Sony's PSVR 2 would require some rather powerful gear. However, it is not entirely unfeasible.

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