How to Fix WAN Miniport Driver Issues in Windows OS [Updated 2024]

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Wide Area Network, also known as WAN Miniport driver, is related to a driver software that helps as an alternative connection for facilitating network in your Windows PC. You have to ensure your WAN Miniport is updated if you are looking for a faster and smoother experience with your internet connection. However, sometimes there is an issue with WAN Miniport, and you have to look for a fix wan Miniport driver issues in windows os. 

Types of WAN Miniport Drivers

Before moving on to the solutions, let us learn about WAN(Wide area network) Miniport Drivers. You will find two kinds of WAN Miniport Drivers, as stated below;

  • CoNDIS WAN: It helps maintain functionality of greater magnitude that helps control communications related to WAN data. However, only new or recent OS versions support it.
  • NDIS WAN: Both older and newer versions of OS support NDIS WAN. It helps transfer data from PC to PC by making use of network adapter cards.

Reasons Behind Glitch in WAN Miniport Driver

WAN Miniport drivers are responsible for many functionalities, including wireless and alternative connections. However, glitches in the drivers make you face disturbed connectivity that can be on account of the following reasons:

  • The PC system is unhealthy.
  • The system got infected with a bug that is disrupting driver functionality.
  • If the drivers have turned outdated, you need more competent ones to match the updated demand in Windows.
  • The driver version is inaccurate or wrong, leading to abrupt performance of the PC or damage to the WAN Miniport.
  • The system files have started malfunctioning because of malware attacks, version mismatches, sudden power outages, or updates-related errors. Then, it would be best to have antivirus software like TotalAV to clean malware.
  • If the drivers turn corrupt, it may lead to hardware malfunctioning, communication problems, or connectivity errors.

Whatever the reason, you can fix the Miniport driver issues in Windows OS by using the listed solutions.

How to Fix WAN Miniport Driver Issues in Windows OS?

There are efficient ways to fix this issue better. Let us walk through:

  1. Solution 1: Manual Update WAN Miniport Driver Using Device Manager
  2. Solution 2: Fix the Corrupt Files using SFC
  3. Solution 3: Automatically Update the WAN Miniport Driver

Solution 1: Manual Update WAN Miniport Driver Using Device Manager

There is always an option for downloading and updating the driver of the WAN Miniport following a manual process. It helps to fix wan Miniport driver issues in Windows OS. Before you begin the required steps, ensure you are connected well with a good internet connection. 

update wan miniport driver using device manager

Step 1. Using your keyboard, use the Windows key and R simultaneously to make the Run box appear on the screen.

Note: There are more efficient ways to enter into Device Manager. Check how to open Windows Device Manager here if you're engaged.

Step 2. In Device Manager, tap twice on the "Network Adapters."

Step 3. On the WAN Miniport, make a right tap and then make the selection of the "Update Driver" option.

Step 4. Go ahead with choosing the "Search automatically for updated drivers software."

Step 5. You can see a few instructions on the screen, follow them, and complete the process.

Solution 2: Fix the Corrupt Files using SFC

You may be unaware of the cause, but you can still fix the wan Miniport driver issues in Windows OS by using SFC or the system file checker command. With the Scannow command, you can search for files that have turned corrupted and repair them automatically by using the proper steps. 

Step 1. In the Windows search box, write 'Command Prompt' and make a right tap on it. Then select 'Run as administrator to open the command window.

Step 2. Write the sfc/scan now command in the given area and go ahead by tapping on the "Enter" key.

Then, you have to take a back seat and wait for the verification process to be completed. After that, you can reboot the PC to determine whether it resolved the issue entirely.

If you find that scannow or sfc cannot fix your WAN issue, use DISM. Go ahead by running the command to set the Windows system's image. For this, you have to make a move by typing the command as;

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth

Once you are done executing the given commands, re-check if you can completely fix the wan Miniport driver issues in Windows OS. 

Solution 3: Automatically Update the WAN Miniport Driver

Sometimes, you may need more time to sit patiently downloading and updating the WAN driver manually. At other times, you have to get help from SFC and DISM. However, if you want to save time, opting for an automatic method and using Driver Easy software is better. It helps recognize the system and find the drivers that are apt for you. You do not have to worry about 

Step 1. Start by completing the downloading and then installing Driver Easy.

install driver easy software

Step 2. Then, run the software and tap on the option of "Scan Now." You will notice the software starts with the scanning process. Then, it will scan all the drivers with problems or issues.

Step 3. Tap on the button with "Update." You can find it beside the flagged network adapter. It will help automatically download the correct version of the driver you need for your PC. The free version will help you with the task.

After that, you can make your way to the installation of the driver. Alternatively, you can tap on the "Update All" option to automatically download and install the missing/outdated drivers. However, you will need the PRO version to complete this task, as the free one is not equipped with this facility. 

update drivers

Step 4. To effect the changes, proceed with restarting your PC.

Once the process is completed, you can use the latest version for drivers related to WAN Miniport.

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With our suggested findings, you can completely fix the wan Miniport driver issues in Windows OS. You can also go ahead by running anti-malware to detect and block malware and viruses responsible for the corruption of drivers in PCs. Updating Windows also helps you with providing patches for any error. If you still suffer from the issue or cannot execute the given commands, go ahead and seek professional help to resolve this issue.

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