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System Clone

This option enables you to migrate your system to a new hard drive only.

1.Select "System Clone". The current system partition and boot partition will be automatically selected. Next select the drive you want to clone to in the disk list.

Please make sure the capacity of the unallocated space on your target drive is larger than the total size of your boot and system partition. "Optimize for SSD" is highly suggested if your target drive is an SSD. Please check the "Create a Portable Windows USB Drive" option if the target disk is connected via USB.

2.Click "Next" to start the cloning.

3. After the process is completed, please reboot your computer to your target drive.

Tip: System Clone is not available for use under the condition that your system partition and boot partition are not on the same drive. Please follow the instruction in here to redirect your boot and system partitions into one drive if it is your situation.