Create Emergency Disk

EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to create an emergency USB disk or CD/DVD. It is indispensable when windows system fails to boot.

Procedure for creating emergency disk

1. Click Tools - Create emergency disk.

2. In this step, you have a choice to create a WinPE or Linux emergency disk. 

Uncheck the Compatibility mode will get necessary drivers from current computer and add to WinPE emergency disk. If the created emergency disk can't boot normally, you can only check Compatibility mode to recreate.

3. Select USB to create an emergency USB disk or choose CD/DVD to burn an emergency CD/DVD, then click Proceed

4. For the first time, if you have checked Compatibility mode, EaseUS Todo Backup will prompt a window to ask you select Download from Microsoft or Manually specify the location. Download WinPE component from Microsoft is recommended if the computer is connecting to the internet.

If you did not check Compatibility mode, it will create directly after clicking the Proceed button.

To learn more information about WinPE and Linux emergency disk, please click here.

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