How to Recover Videos Deleted from Quest 2 by Accident

I had a bunch of hilarious videos in my Quest 2, and when I plugged the unit into the PC, it only showed the shorter videos, not the longer ones....some being 5 and 6 minutes long. I copied all the shorter ones and deleted them. But that, in turn, deleted all the larger ones! Is there any way to recover them?

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Daisy· Answered on May 07, 2024

Yes, you can recover deleted videos from Quest 2. If the videos you deleted are on the PC, check the Recycle Bin and make the Recycle Bin recovery when you find your deleted videos there, or if you are still on the file manager, press ctrl + Z to undo. Suppose all these don't work; you can try third-party software to recover your precious videos. Here I recommend EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a powerful and trustworthy software with a high data recovery rate and easy operation steps.

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Easy to follow with only three steps to recover your lost videos:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and then select the drive on the PC where your videos belong to. In a scenario your videos are in the Quest 2, use a suitable cable to connect your device to your PC to make your device appear like an external drive. And then click 'Scan'.

Step 2. The software will scan all the lost data in this drive. After scanning, use the filter and choose 'Videos'.

Step 3. Preview and select the video files you want to retrieve. Click 'Recover' to save them in a safe place.

If your Quest 2 fails to appear as a drive on your PC, do the following checks:

  • Use the USB cable that comes with your Quest 2.
  • Select 'Accept' in VR from your headset so that your computer can access the files on your headset.
  • Update your device driver.

Another solution is to recover the deleted files from Cloud if you have Cloud Backup in Quest 2.

Step 1. Sign in to the account on Quest and click the profile picture.

Step 2. Choose 'Devices', and click 'Cloud Backup' on the left panel.

Step 3. Then you can choose the file you want according to the date.

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