How Could I Recover Corrupt Excel File

I found a corrupt Excel file in the folder. I wanted to click to open the file, but it failed. Is there any way to recover and open this corrupt Excel file?

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Brithny· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Don't worry! It's possible to recover corrupt Excel files using Microsoft's inbuilt feature or file recovery software, like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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Microsoft has developed an inbuilt repair program to fix minor issues with Office documents. So you can use the native feature of Excel to repair XLSM files or XLSX files. Follow the steps below to repair damaged and corrupt Excel files:

Step 1. Launch the Microsoft Excel application.

Step 2. Go to 'Menu > File > Open'.

Step 3. Locate and select the corrupt Excel document.

Step 4. Click on the dropdown button beside the Open feature.

Step 5. Select 'Open and Repair' to recover your corrupt Excel file.

If this doesn't help, you should use data recovery software to recover the corrupt Excel file. I would like to introduce you to the powerful Excel file recovery tool: EaseUS Excel file recovery software.

To easily understand how to recover your corrupt Excel file using the EaseUS software, you can follow the steps below to repair corrupted Excel file:

Step 1. Download the EaseUS file recovery software, install it on your Windows PC, and choose the partition that stores your corrupt Excel file.

Step 2. Click 'Scan' to view all files on the selected partition, including lost/deleted, corrupt, and damaged files. Filter the corrupt Excel file in the list.

Step 3. Opt for the corrupt Excel file you want to restore, click 'Recover', and the EaseUS recovery tool will repair the corrupt Excel file automatically.

Step 4. Save the repaired Excel file to a secure location on your PC, and you can open and edit the Excel file normally.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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