Do Delete Files from SD Card Go to Recycle Bin on Windows

I deleted some files from my SD card, and I can't find them in the Recycle Bin. Why? And what should I do if I want to find these deleted files?

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Brithny· Answered on Jan 04, 2024

Do delete files from SD card go to recycle bin? Absolutely No! There's no recycle bin on your SD card. Once you delete files on the SD card, your PC may remind you that the selected files will be deleted permanently. So, you won't find them in your Recycle Bin.

If we proceed to the technical level, the SD card deleted files are still stored in it. Still, the initial letter of the file is changed to a special symbol. Its location is marked as available. Once a new file is stored at the original file location, then the original deleted files are completely overwritten and cleared. Until then, the files will continue to remain on the SD card.

Is it possible to recover deleted files from the SD card? The answer is yes; deleted files from your SD card can be recovered as their storage space is not overwritten with new data. It's suggested that you recover deleted files from SD cards using data recovery software, such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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It supports the recovery of numerous file types in different situations, including retrieving deleted files not in Recycle Bin. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install the EaseUS data recovery software on your PC, and select the SD card partition.

Step 2. Click 'Scan', and you can view all files on your SD card, including the deleted files.

Step 3. Choose the files needed, click 'Recover' to restore them, and save them in a new location.

Suppose you can't find the deleted files in the scanning list. In that case, you can contact the EaseUS data recovery services and ask experts with over 18 years of data recovery experience for help.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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