Why Cannot Extend C Drive Windows 10

My C drive is out of space, and I tried to extend the C drive via Disk Management. The problem is that the Extend Volume option is unavailable. Why can't I extend the C drive on my Windows 10? What else can I do to manage that? Thanks in advance!

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Oliver· Answered on Jan 01, 2024

Here are a few reasons why you cannot extend the C drive on a Windows 10 PC:

  • No unallocated space on the disk.
  • You can't extend the primary partition with unallocated space from an extended partition.
  • No adjacent unallocated space behind C drive.
  • File system limitation.

If you want to extend the C drive without Windows restrictions, I suggest you download a third-party disk partition manager like EaseUS Partition Master Professional.

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Regardless of the actual reason why you cannot extend the volume, this tool can help.

For no unallocated space issue, you can:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and select a partition with a large additional space.

Step 2. Choose "Allocate Space," select C drive as the destination partition, and adjust how much size you want to add to the C drive.

Step 3. Then, click "OK" and execute the task.

You can also use the "Extend with 2nd Disk" feature to extend the C drive with the space from another disk.

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For case 2, 3 and 4:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Partition Master, and select the C drive.

Step 2. Choose "Resize/Move" and drag the dot to modify the storage space of the C drive.

Step 3. Then, click "OK" and execute the task.

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