What Can I Do to Fix Extend Volume Greyed Out on Windows Server 2016

I need to extend one of those volumes on my hard drive in Windows Server 2016, but I cannot do so using the Disk Management tool because that option is greyed off. I think third-party software might be able to assist me with that. What program would you suggest, given there is presumably a valid reason why that choice is greyed out?

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

This page will explain why the extend volume option is greyed out and recommend a reliable program that can provide multiple solutions to this issue. In the Disk Management tool, the "Extend Volume" option may become grayed out mainly for two reasons:

  • There is no unallocated space on your hard drive or SSD.
  • The unallocated space on your hard drive is not behind the volume you want to resize.

To assist you in successfully fixing this problem caused by the above two reasons, I highly recommend EaseUS Partition Master. This splendid third-party software allows you to extend the partition with or without unallocated space using its "Allocate Space" feature. In addition, you can quickly expand this partition with the "Resize/Move" tool even if your unallocated space is non-adjacent to the target partition.

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Without Unallocated Space

If you don't have unallocated space on your disk, refer to the steps below to allocate free space from other partitions and extend the target partition:

Step 1. Right-click on the big partition with enough free space and select "Allocate Space."

Step 2. Select the one partition in the"Allocate xx Byte space from xx to" drop-down menu and drag its end rightward to get the free space from another partition. Click "OK" to confirm the change.

Step 3. Click "Execute Task" > "Apply" to set up the operation.

Without Adjacent Unallocated Space

Another reason that leads to the extend volume option greyed-out issue is the unallocated space on your hard drive is not directly right to the partition you want to expand.

Step 1. Download EaseUS Partition Master on your PC and enter the "Partition Manager" section.

Step 2. Right-click on the target partition, choose the "Resize/Move" feature and drag the partition's end rightward to add free space. Click "OK."

Step 3. Select "Apply" to confirm the change and "Done" to finish.

Here is a related article that can teach you how to extend and shrink the partition without losing data:

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