Does SSD Speed Matter When Installing Mod and Loading Game, Help

My games + mods are taking up 300+ GB on my local disk C. I plan on getting a 500 GB SSD, and I've chosen a few different ones. I was wondering if SSD speed matters when installing mods and loading games. If read/write speed matters, then I will follow.

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Cici· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Knowing whether SSD is essential for installing mods and loading games depends on two main situations:

  • The choice of SSD or HDD
  • The choice between SSDs, such as NVMe, M.2, and SATA.

Next, we will analyze these two cases one by one.


Among SSD and HDD, although HDD is cheaper. SSD offers better performance. It provides a faster loading time compared to HDD. Using HDD may cause the game to be unplayable. It takes a lot of time to make the game by loading the screen.

So, in this situation, SSD matters when installing mods and loading games.

2. Between SSDs

The speed difference between most SSDs is small. The choice of SSD depends mainly on your motherboard. If your motherboard supports m.2 (a specific slot on the motherboard), determine which generation it supports and get the SSD.

In this case, SSD is not so important when installing mods and loading games.

The choice between different SSDs also depends on your needs:

PICe SSD: Suitable for large file transfers and video editing

M.2 PICe SSD: Suitable for large-capacity individual drives

SATA SSD: Able to offer an ideal price

In conclusion, SSDs can provide faster game startup and load times than HDDs. The choice between different SSDs depends largely on your needs and arrangements, and SSDs do not affect the installation of mods and loading of games.

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