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I'm facing a situation where I try to disable TRIM on my SSDs. From my understanding, the issue with having no TRIM support is basically the write speed of the drive dropping over time. Is this correct? Can TRIM slow down my SSD? What happens when I don't run TRIM? Is there any other way to speed up my SSD?

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Cici· Answered on Jul 01, 2024

Hello, I think I can give you the answer. TRIM on SSD is an Advanced Technology Attachment command that tells the SSD to erase data blocks when they are no longer used. To improve the data reading and writing speed on SSD and obtain high performance, you should enable the TRIM. Also, TRIM is enabled by default on SSD. Tuning it off will slow down your SSD as a result.

If you find your SSD starting to slow down, there are other fixes for it. If you don't know what causes your SSD to slow down, you can work out the reasons first, such as high capacity. I know a reliable tool, EaseUS Partition Master Professional, which can help you deal with issues relating to hard drives. You can use it to diagnose your SSD and improve its speed performance.

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You can get to know how fast your drives run through the following steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and go to the "Discovery" section.

Step 2. Select "DiskMark" and activate it.

Step 3. Select your target SSD C drive, test data, and block size. Click "Start" to perform the test.

You can also enhance the speed performance of your SSD in a few clicks:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and go to the "Toolkit" section.

Step 2. Select "4K Alignment". Then, select your SSD and click "Start" to begin.

You can check how fast your SDD is with the help of this tool. Then, you can improve SSD read and write speed with its features. I find it very helpful and hope it can solve your problem.

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