SD Card Write Protected When the Switch Is Unlocked, How to Fix

How does an SD card become write-protected when I slide the little switch down on the side? I literally turn the toggle switch to the offside, but my SD card is still read-only, and I don't know how to handle this. I need a hand, and any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 19, 2023

As we all know, a toggle switch on the side or bottom of the storage devices controls the write protection. But sometimes, the device will become write-protected even when the switch is unlocked. Let me explain the principle: this mechanism cannot go into the notch when locked, so the PC cannot write data to it, but there is no electric connection between the switch and the SD card, similar to the physical switch of floppy disks and video cassettes. Therefore, it could fail to change the write protection state.

This article will share two tangible ways to help you fix the problem. When it comes to saving time, we prefer to recommend the professional software, EaseUS Partition Master Free. It set up a write protection tool in terms of disabling or enabling write protection on storage devices. One of its biggest advantages is high efficiency and fast speed, which allows you to handle the issue within a short period and with a few clicks.

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Learn how to use EaseUS Partition Master by the following steps:

Step 1. Download EaseUS Partition Master on your PC first.

Step 2. Find "Write Protection" in the "Toolkit" section from the left navigation bar.

Step 3. Select the write-protected SD card and click "Disable."

This is just one small tool of EaseUS Partition Master and has other powerful features you can explore in the future. Next, we will introduce the Windows Registry Editor, which allows authorized users to check the registry and make changes to the operating system.

Here is how to disable write protection from an SD card using Regedit.exe:

Step 1. Press the "Windows + R" keys, type "regedit" in the open box, and hit "Enter."

Step 2. Click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" to enter "System," find the "Current Control Set," and tap "Control."

Step 3. Expand the "DWORD value" of the "Storage Device Policies" key and change it to "0," and press "OK."

After using the two methods, reconnect the SD card to the PC to see if the write-protected state is canceled. If you want to format the device after removing write protection, find the information in the below link:

More Information: How to Format SD Card on Windows 11

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