Is It Possible to Remove the Password on Windows 8

I can't think of anything I'm doing incorrectly, but I must be. Whenever I use my laptop, I don't want to sign in or have a lock screen. I've tried multiple times to alter the password requirement on my PC to 'no password required,' but it never seems to work. I'm having trouble finding a place to inform Windows 8 that I don't want the lock screen. Could you please help me?

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Roxanne· Answered on Nov 30, 2023

The answer to "Is it possible to remove the password on Windows 8?" is Yes. Our guide explores two tools tailored for different situations, including using built-in Windows utilities and third-party software. 

Way 1. EaseUS Partition Master - Remove Windows 8 Password

EaseUS Partition Master Professional is a versatile software with advanced features to meet all your daily needs. It generated a professional "Password Reset" feature to reset Windows passwords when locked out by removing them. Additionally, this tool is compatible with all Windows editions.

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Prepare a USB and a healthy computer to create bootable media. Here are the detailed steps to follow:

Step 1. Download and open EaseUS Partition Master on a running computer, connect the USB to it, and navigate to "Toolkit" > "Password Reset." (When a message window shows, click "Create" to confirm.)

Step 2. Choose the USB as bootable media and click "Create" to begin. Click "Finish" after this operation is done.

Step 3. Insert the password reset USB into the locked computer and set it to boot from this USB.

Step 4. Reboot the computer and enter EaseUS Partition Master in the WinPE environment. Click "Password Reset" and locate the Windows 8 account before checking "Reset & Unlock."

Step 5. Click "Confirm" to proceed when prompted to do so. We're going to delete your password.

Way 2. Change the User Account Settings

If you didn't forget the password and can unlock the computer, you can disable the Windows 8 password using the instructions below:

Step 1. Bring the Run box by pressing the "Windows + R" key. Enter netplwiz in it and then press "Enter."

Step 2. Select the Windows 8 account for which you wish to remove the password from the User Accounts dialog box automatically. If possible, remove the Users This computer check box requires a user name and password to be entered. Click "OK."

Step 3. In the Automatically Log On dialog box, enter the user's password twice and click "OK."

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