How to Solve Brand New SD Card Is Write Protected

Just bought this 32Gb Micro SD card with an adapter from SanDisk; it is write-protected. I tried many things, but nothing worked. Can someone help?

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Sherly· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Actually, you can first try to quickly repair the write-protected deletion on the SD card:

  • Unplug and reinsert the SD card.
  • Change the USB port, and change the SD card adapter.
  • Reconnect the SD card to the new computer.

Check if your SD card is accessible.

  • And check the SD card physical switch, which sometimes gives you a surprise.

Many times, this method can help me solve problems quickly. If this method doesn't work on your issue, you may need to read the other ways. If you have some experience in computing, you can run the CMD command on your PC to remove the write protection for your SD card. Here is how:

Step 1. Connect the SD card to the computer first.

Step 2. Press Win + R keys, type cmd in the Run window and click OK.

Step 3. Type diskpart and press Enter.

Step 4. Type the following commands and press Enter each time:

  • list disk
  • select disk # (#represents the number of your write-protected SD card.)
  • attributes disk clear readonly

You need to be careful when you type the commands, or these commands may cause data loss. If you are a newcomer in the computer area, my suggestion is that you turn to a write protection removal tool, EaseUS Partition Master.

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With two simple clicks, you can remove write protection from the SD card. Download this tool, and follow the tutorial below:

Step 1. Launch this tool, go to the Toolkit section, and choose "Write Protection."

Step 2. Click your write-protected SD card and click "Disable."

Now, you have successfully removed the write protection for your SD card.

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