How to Check Seagate Hard Disk Serial Number

Hi, I just bought a Seagate hard disk from an eBay seller, and he claimed that the disk was brand new. Is there any way I can check the serial number of the Seagate disk to see if it is refurbished or not? Thanks in advance!

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Oliver· Answered on May 31, 2024

You can find the serial number printed on the product label of your Seagate hard disk. If you have already installed the disk, you should power off your computer and carefully remove it from the PC so that you can see the information on the drive label.

However, if you find it inconvenient to remove the computer case to get the Seagate hard disk, you can also use a free disk manager tool.

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Such tools like EaseUS Partition Master contain a function that allows users to view the detailed information of their disk and partition, including serial numbers.

Here's how:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Partition Master and select your Seagate drive in the "Partition Manager" tab.

Step 2. The disk health and temperature are displayed in the upper right corner of the window.

Step 3. Move your mouse there and click on the "Details" button to see the disk serial number.

Besides checking the serial number of your Seagate hard disk, you can also use it to benchmark the disk to measure disk performance.

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