How Do You Create Partitions on the HDD of a New Laptop?

I just brought a new laptop. The question is I haven't partitioned an HDD before, and the new PC's HDD only has one partition. Can someone help me with the disk partition thing? Thanks.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 19, 2024

Actually, many ways can help you achieve your goal of making partitions on the HDD of a new laptop. However, if you use an unreliable way, the situation will get worst. Keep reading and learn two tangible ways in this guide.

The first way is to create partitions using third-party software. EaseUS Partition Master is my best recommendation based on experience, which is safe and allows you to create partitions easily. It generates a New Disk Guide feature that can partition your brand-new SSD with one click. Use the following steps:

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Step 1. Download and open EaseUS Partition Master and wait for the New Disk Guide window to open.

Step 2. Click the "Partition this disk" and choose your ideal partition number, size, and style. Select "Proceed" to move on.

Step 3. Choose "Execute 1 Task" and then hit "Apply."

And the second way is to create partitions using the built-in tool"Disk Management" offered by Windows. However, you must repeat the process to create as many partitions as you want. The specific steps are below:

Step 1. The new HDD usually shows as unallocated space, right-click it and choose "New Simple Volume."

Step 2. Set the size, drive letter, and file system, and click "Next" after each change. 

Step 3. Review the partition settings and click "Finish" to create a partition.

Except for partitioning an HDD, you can also create partitions on a USB drive.

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