Tell Me How Can I Partition HDD in the Best Way

Hi, tonight I will finally receive the rest of my components for my new PC. Let the build begin. I will buy a new 4TB HDD. How do I partition my drive in the best way, in your opinion? I was thinking instead of having a bunch of folders within one partition. I would divide the drive into examples, Media(E:), Games(F:), Programs(G:), Documents(H:), and so on.

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Roxanne· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

According to what you said, you are building a new computer and want to partition a 4TB HDD before using it as the storage device. Creating multiple partitions for a large hard drive can bring higher overall performance. Many tools can help you partition the HDD and categorize these partitions as OS, games, programs, archives, etc.

Which is the best way? I collected the best two ways of disk partitioning to help you handle the task.

Fix 1. Free partition tool

Parting the drive is challenging and complex for some computer beginners. However, it could be easy if you choose the right tool - EaseUS Partition Master Free. Its New Disk Guide feature allows users to create partitions as much as they want in a few clicks.

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Learn how to partition your new HDD with EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Connect your HDD to the PC and open EaseUS Partition Master. A New Disk Guide window will pop up, select "Partition this disk."

Step 2. Adjust the number of partitions you need to create, the partition style, and the partition size. Click "Proceed" to move.

Step 3. Finally, click "Execute 1 Task" and "Apply" to complete the process.

Fix 2. Windows built-in tool

Using a professional third-party tool is the easiest way to make partitions on the HDD. However, if you are an experienced user, Disk Management is another best way to make disk partitions. Refer to the tutorial below:

  • Open Disk Management, right-click the target unallocated space, and choose "New Simple Volume."
  • Customize the size, drive letter, and file system individually, and click "Next" after each change. (Accept the default settings if you are not sure about them. )
  • Check the partition settings and click "Finish" to create a new partition.

Repeat the process of the above two ways to make more than one partition on your HDD, and you can find additional information about creating a disk partition in the following link.

More Information: Partition External Hard Drive in Windows 11/10/8/7

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