Why Formatting Stuck at 54%?Any Solutions Here?

My Vista OS PC has a 2TB Samsung spinpoint F4EG SATA drive installed as a second drive, but when I try to format it, it won't progress past 54%. Do you know what could be wrong?

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Cici· Answered on Apr 19, 2024

If you get stuck at 54% when formatting a 2TB drive, it could be a problem with the Nvidia chipset. You can update the driver first and then reformat it.

To update the driver: try Windows built-in tool: Device Manager.

Step 1. Search for "Device Manager" in the search box and open it.

Step 2. Select the target component and expand it and click "Update driver."

Step 3. Follow the prompts to complete the driver update

If this method is too troublesome, you can use EaseUS DriverHandy to update automatically.

After the update is complete, you can reformat the drive.

To improve the success rate of formatting and avoid the phenomenon of formatting stuck. I recommend using a professional formatting tool such as EaseUS Partition Master Free, an all-in-one disk management tool. It can help you easily format your drive to any file system format.

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Don't worry if you are new to computers. EaseUS Partition Master provides an easy-to-use interface. Here are the simple formatting steps.

Step 1. Right-click on the target drive and select "Format."

Step 2. Set the Partition label, file system, and Cluster size, and select "OK."

Step 3. Select "Yes" in the pop-up window and click "Execute 1 Task(s)" and "Apply."

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