I Cannot Delete System Volume Information Files on Windows Server! Help Me!

My installation of Veeam stored the System Volume information files in my newly created data drive. When I uninstalled Veeam, CMD could not delete the system files brought by Veeam. Is there any way to delete the System Volume Information? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Cici· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

In fact, you can't delete the System Volume Information folder because it contains the information to recover your computer if something goes wrong. If your driver uses the NTFS file system format, you cannot access the System Volume Information folder even if you use administrator privileges.

If you feel that the system volume file information is large, follow the two methods below to fix the problem of Windows that cannot delete the System Volume Information files.

Method 1. Reduce the Size of the System Volume Information

Follow the steps below to reduce the size of System Volume Information by removing restore points.

Step 1. Open Control Panel > System and Security > System.

Step 2. Select System Protection on the left, select the drive where you want to reduce the System Volume Information folder size, and click Configure.

Step 3. Use the Max. usage bar to reduce the maximum usage of System Volume Information. Then click OK.

Step 4. You can click Delete to clear the previous restore point if you do not need the system restore point.

Method 2. Convert NTFS to FAT32/exFAT

You can access the System Volume Information folder by formatting NTFS as exFAT or FAT32 file system. And then delete it on the exFAT or FAT32 formatted drive. If you want to avoid data loss, EaseUS Partition Master is a good choice to convert NTFS to FAT32.

For more information, read this article - Convert NTFS to FAT32.

In conclusion, the System Volume Information folder is very important for Windows operations, and Windows will create it automatically, so there is no need to delete it. If the file is too large, shrink it as described above or change it to another file system format.

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