Is Madden 23 Cross Platform?

Hello! I'm new to the Madden series, and I just bought Madden 23 on my PS5. I want to play the game with my friend who bought it on his PS4. Is Madden 23 cross-platform? Can I play multiplayer mode with him on my PS5? Thanks!

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Oliver· Answered on Feb 22, 2024

Unfortunately, Madden 23 does not support cross-platform and crossplay currently. For most of those who want to play across platforms with friends, the only option is to get the game on the same device.

However, if you want to play multiplayer on your PS5 with a friend who uses PS4, you can install the PS4 version of Madden 23 on the drive of your PS5. This will allow you two to play the game together online.

You can play the PS4 version of Madden 23 by inserting the PS4 game disc or using an external hard drive if you have bought the PS4 version or Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition. PS5 allows users to play PS4 games directly from the connected external hard drive. However, it might require you to take some time to download the game on your drive.

If you want to skip the process, there's a tool called EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional that can help you transfer programs and related data from one drive to another.

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You can ask your friend to transfer Madden 23 from his PS4 to your external hard drive so that you can play the game as soon as possible. For the detailed steps, you can check the following page.

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