Can You Play PS5 Games on PS4?

When I buy a PS5, I want to move the old PS4 into my bedroom so I can use it to play games on the big TV and the PS5 games I got in my bedroom when my family wants to watch anything else. Is that something I can do?

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 02, 2024

Can I play my favorite PS5 games on the older PlayStation 4 console? It depends on what games you want to play. If the game is confirmed as a PS5 exclusive, you can't play it on PS4. Since the PS5 is backward compatible with the PS4, you can use two methods to share and play non-PS5 exclusive games:

Note: To avoid accidental data loss, you better back up your PlayStation hard drives.

Way 1. EaseUS Todo PCtrans - Best Game Transfer Tool

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional will offer the best game transfer service, allowing you to effortlessly migrate games, saved data, and other settings between two devices.

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Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your computer. Then, connect both the PS4 and PS5 hard disks on this computer.

Step 2. Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans and navigate to "App Migration > Start." Choose the console file that you wish to move to the PS4 drive.

Step 3. Select the PS4 drive as the destination by clicking the triangle icon.

Step 4. Press "Transfer" to move your games and save data from PS5 to PS4.

Way 2. Remote Play on Play Station

If you don't want to download any software, you can try the Remote Play feature of the PlayStation console. Ensure the PS4 and PS5 share the same WiFi connection.

Step 1. On PS5, log in to your account related to the games you want to play on PS4.

Step 2. Open "Settings" > "System" > "Remote Play."

Step 3. Enable Remote Play and move to your PS4.

Step 4. Under the App menu, select the PS5 Remote Play app on the home screen.

Sign in, and you can play PS5 games on PS4 now! For more valuable information, you can check the following article:

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