Can I Transfer Games From PS5 to PC

Hello! I have bought a new game for my PS5, and I want to play it on my PC as well. The problem is that the game doesn't seem supported on PC. Can I transfer the game from my PS5 to my PC via an external hard drive? If it's possible, how do I do that? Thanks in advance!

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Oliver· Answered on Jan 29, 2024

Unfortunately, you can't transfer games from PS5 to PC and play them. But you can play PS5 games on PC with official help - PS Remote Play. This allows you to play PS5 games on your PC remotely with a controller. The mouse and keyboard can be used only in games that support hardware keyboards.

PS5 and PC are two separate platforms. The PS5 OS is specifically designed to work only in hardware developed by Sony. Plus, PS5 games are incompatible with PCs due to restrictions on hardware, software, file format, and so on.

If you try to transfer games to an external hard drive and paste them on your PC after connecting the drive to your computer, you will eventually find out there's no available file or program that allows you to enter the game. The whole folder and files look completely different from the games you download from the PC.

If lucky, some developers may release the PC edition of games a few years after releasing the console-exclusive games. If not, the only hope is the unofficial PC port for games.

If you are also looking for a way to transfer games between drives or PCs, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional can help. This tool allows you to transfer games and relevant data from one drive/PC to another one with a few simple clicks.

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