What Will Happen to My Genuine Windows 10 OS If I Change My Hard Disk for SSD?

I want to replace my old hard drive on my Windows 10 computer with a new SSD because the old drive is almost full, and my computer is running slower and slower. But what will happen to my genuine Windows OS if I change my hard disk for SSD?

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Jerry· Answered on Jan 31, 2024

The computer's hard drive stores the operating system. Therefore, it is evident that you will lose it if you decide to replace your hard drive with another hard drive or SSD. However, if you have the real Windows product key, you can install and activate the OS on the SSD.

Besides, if you merely change your hard drive to an SSD, your Windows won't be able to boot properly. You can take the following actions to ensure that the authentic Windows 10 OS functions smoothly on SSD:

  • Clone Windows 10 to the SSD. In this manner, your authentic Windows operating system can be started from the SSD with nothing altered for your work.
  • Clone the entire hard disk to the SSD. You must ensure that the SSD is larger than the hard drive in order to copy the hard disk. Additionally, it ought to use the same hard disk's original partitioning structure.

No matter which method you pick, you have to use third-party cloning software to help you. This is because Windows does not offer such a tool. In that case, EaseUS Disk Copy is the one that can satisfy your needs.

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It can help you clone your hard drive to another drive, be it an SSD or HDD on Windows 11/10/8/7. In addition, it can help you transfer your operating system from one SSD to another without data loss. Last but not least, it can also help you clone a hard drive with bad sectors and replace a laptop hard drive without data loss.

If you just replace a hard drive with an SSD, you may lose your Windows. However, if you try to clone your hard drive with the help of EaseUS Disk Copy, everything will remain intact and safe.

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