Is It Cheaper to Replace a Hard Drive or Buy a New Computer?

My HP laptop has a 7th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, 12GB RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. Is purchasing an SSD worthwhile and replace to speed up startup times, which can take up to 30 minutes? Should I upgrade my hard drive to SSD or buy a new laptop? Thanks in advance!

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Jerry· Answered on Mar 05, 2024

Depending on your computer model, it's usually much cheaper to replace a hard drive than buying a new computer. A 1TB SSD, such as a Samsung 870 EVO SSD, costs about 80$, while a computer will cost from hundreds to thousands. However, if your computer is very, very old, it would be wiser to buy a new computer.

The main issue in replacing a hard drive is often not replacing the disk itself; (You need to open and close the computer case, remove four screws, and connect one power and one data cable.) Replacing the data on the drive is the issue. You should use a disk cloning tool or something similar to move the data to the new drive if the old drive is almost failing but is still functional.

This is because cloning can help you transfer data from one hard drive to another without losing data or reinstalling Windows. However, you must use third-party disk cloning software to clone a hard drive since Windows has no built-in cloning settings. Under such circumstances, EaseUS Disk Copy comes to help.

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It is a practical disk cloning utility for Windows computers to replace or clone a hard drive. It can help you make a new SSD C drive and clone a hard drive with bad sectors, as it has sector-by-sector cloning features. In addition, it allows you to upgrade to a larger hard drive or resize your disk partition during the cloning process. Here is how to use it to clone your HDD to an SSD:

Step 1. To start cloning a hard disk to another, select a disk on your PC as the source disk under "Disk Mode" and tap "Next".

Step 2. Choose another disk connected to your PC as the destination disk.

Step 3. Check the disk layout of the two hard drives by choosing "Autofit the disk", "Copy as the source", or "Edit disk layout".

Step 4. Click "Proceed" to perform the task.

If your operating system can meet your needs and the computer issue is fixable (like replacing a hard drive), repairs can extend its life at a fraction of the cost of a new PC. It can cost about 100$ to enjoy the improved computer performance as a new one.

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