Can You Move An OST File?

There is no enough space on my main drive, and I noticed that my OST file are really big. I tried to move the OST file, but I failed. Have you ever tried to move OST file? Can you move an OST file

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Definitely YES! Anyone can move an OST file. In the following, we will show you how to complete the task:

Method 1. Use Symbolic Link

  • Select Microsoft Outlook and copy the OST file from the default location to the new location.
  • Next, open Command Prompt as administrator and execute the following command: mklink "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\[email protected]” “E:\MyOSTDataFile\[email protected]
  • That will create a symbolic link to move the OST file. And a shortcut is created at the default OST file location that redirects Outlook to the new location.
  • To change the symlink, delete the shortcut.

Method 2. Use ForceOSTPath Registry Key

  • First, back up your OST file, remove your Outlook profile, and close Microsoft Outlook.
  • Hit Windows + R, and enter regedit to open the Registry Editor window. Then choose the right path based on the Outlook version installed on your system.
  • Next, right-click on Outlook, choose the New option, and then select Expandable String Value.
  • Right-click on NEW Value#1 and choose the rename option. Once done, open File Explorer and move to your desired location. Just copy the path and paste it into the Value date field of ForceOSTPath.
  • Finally, exit the Registry Editor and restart your system. That's all.

That's the solution to move an OST file. We all know that OST files are very important for Microsoft Outlook's offline operations. If improper operation while moving it, you might lose your valuable emails, your settings, and other preferences. To avoid this issue, it's a nice choice to back up your current OST file with a professional backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup. This program can help you backup and restore almost anything, like email or other files like OST, quickly and easily.

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