Can You Clone a Hard Drive with BitLocker?

I need to replace the drive my OS is running with a bigger one, so I want to clone it. But the drive is encrypted with BitLocker. Can I clone a BitLocker encrypted hard drive?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 22, 2022

Yes, you can clone a hard drive with BitLocker encrypted. BitLocker encryption enables users to protect their data using a password or fingerprint, depending on the device.

Drive cloning, in concept, hoovers up the ones and zeros from a source disk and deposits them, untouched and inspected, in an identical sequence on another disk.

The copying software doesn't care what the ones and zeros stand for, whether the data is encrypted or not, or anything else. It simply involves transferring ones and zeros from one disk to another.

Depending on the sort of encryption used - hardware-level, built into the drive itself ("self-encrypting" drives), low-level OS software (like BitLocker et al.), app-level software (like 7-Zip), etc. - complications may result.

A BitLocker-encrypted drive can be challenging to clone mostly because AES encryption is used to encrypt. Simply put, it's a robust encryption technique that offers complete data security. The initial decision is up to you - exactly where you want to clone your hard drive. A different hard drive? To a fresh SSD, an addition, or a USB? So, once you are set with that, you'll need the appropriate software. This Windows computer does not have a tool that allows you to do such a job.

Therefore, you must use third-party software to help you clone a BitLocker encrypted hard drive. EaseUS Todo Backup comes to help you at this time. EaseUS Todo Backup is a powerful backup and recovery program. It has powerful cloning features that can help you clone a hard drive with BitLocker encrypted. It can also help you clone a hard drive in Windows 11. In addition, it allows you to create a backup of your files, systems, disks, and partitions.

You can clone a hard drive with BitLocker, but you have to turn to professional disk cloning software, such as EaseUS Todo Backup, for help.

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