If I Replace My PS4 Hard Drive Will I Lose Everything?

Will my data be lost if I replace the hard drive on my PS4? Some sources say it will, while others say it will not. I would really like a clear answer. Thanks in advance!

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Jerry· Answered on Mar 28, 2023

The data on your drive won't be lost if you back it up in advance and then replace it on your PS4. Or you can update the PS4 hard drive without losing data using professional disk cloning software like EaseUS Disk Copy.

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All data on the internal hard drive will remain secure even if you remove it. The problem is that when you put the hard disk back in a PS4, the console will format it when it restarts. And all information will be gone at that point. In this case, you can back up your PS4 hard drive in advance and the backup on a USB drive or in the cloud to keep it secure.

Cloning is the best and easiest way to upgrade a hard drive on PS4. Cloning can help you upgrade or replace a PS4/5 hard drive without losing anything. But you have to use professional cloning software.

EaseUS Disk Copy is an all-in-one cloning utility that can help you upgrade your PS4 hard disk to a larger one without reinstallation. It lets you clone your hard disk with bad sectors and migrate Windows from HDD to SSD. In addition, it can also let you install Windows 7 on an NVMe SSD and clone an SSD with only one slot.

If you do not want to lose everything when upgrading your PS4 hard drive, you can use EaseUS Disk Copy to help you.

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