Can I Reset Windows Without Losing APPs?

The built-in reset this PC feature in Windows 10 only has two options: Keep files or Remove everything. Can I reset Windows without losing my apps or programs?

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Jerry· Answered on Jan 16, 2023

Yes, you can reset your Windows without losing your apps or programs.

Always ensure that any crucial data, or data that would be impossible to recover if lost, is backed up before resetting your computer. Even if you select Keep files, there is no assurance that a reset will be successful or retain all data.

Programs won't be installed if you select Keep files, but you can still access their files. The old files are accessible in C: \Windows.old until you erase them. When you select Keep files, some files from C: \Windows.old will be copied for you (mostly documents in your user profile folder).

The executables and files from your programs will be located under C: \Windows.old, but they likely won't work. If you keep data outside of your user profile, like in a root folder, that folder ought to be located under C: \Windows.old as well.

Therefore, a troubleshooting method is to back up your apps or programs in case something goes wrong. If you have a backup of your apps, you can restore them on your computer. There are several ways to back up apps on your computer. For example, you can use a third-party backup tool, like EaseUS Todo Backup, to create a system image containing apps for your Windows PC.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a multi-functional backup software compatible with Windows' latest systems. It allows you to back up systems, disks, files, partitions, etc., and store the backup in different locations, including the local drive, NAS, Security Zone, and Cloud. In addition, it enables you to reinstall Windows without losing programs and install Windows on a new SSD without using a USB.

You can reset your PC without losing apps or programs if you have created a backup of your apps before you start resetting your PC.

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