Crucial MX500 SSD: Ultimate Storage Solution for Power Users

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Every time you launch your computer, you are using storage drives to help you read and write data. As a good-to-go option, more and more people are having SSD and HDD simultaneously. With good performance and faster speed, SSD can relieve you from insufficient space of HDD and improve your computer's performance. This page will offer an all-around guide on Crucial MX500 SSD, which can help you know it and determine if it is good. 

crucial MX500

Overview of Crucial MX500 SSD

Crucial MX500 SSD is a drive built with quality, speed, and security, and it is supported by helpful service and function. It is the first Crucial SSD based on Micron's 64-layer 3D TLC NAND and is the second generation of the Crucial MX series to use TLC NAND instead of MLC NAND. In addition, Crucial MX500 retains all of the common features of the former SSDs, including TCG Opal encryption support and Crucial's partial power loss protection.

Let us check some basic specifications for different sizes of the Crucial MX500 SSD as follows:

Capacity 250 GB 500 GB 1 TB 2 TB
💰Price $79.99 $139.99 $259.99 $499.99
🚁Sequential Read 560 MB/s
🚀Sequential Write 510 MB/s
🎪Endurance 100 TB 180 TB 360 TB 700 TB
⚡Max Power 3.0 W 4.0 W 5.0 W 6.0 W

The Crucial Ingenious MX500 SSD offers higher random write performance than most of us will ever need, and the SLC buffer provides a very low latency that absorbs incoming data fast and well. Ranging from 250GB to 2TB, this product has hit the SATA SSD market at a competitive price.

As the most controversial and attractive product now, many authoritative test sites have released their reviews. Let's hear one of them:

Review from XDA-DeveloperThe faster the storage, the more you'll pay for smaller capacities. But SATA SSDs are still very much a thing, and that's where the Crucial MX500 SSD comes into play. Here, we have a 2.5-inch SSD that runs silently and has no moving parts, with up to a whopping 4TB capacity. Other sizes are available that are more attractively priced.

Is Crucial MX500 A Good SSD?

Yes, it is a good and qualified SSD by any definition. In this part, we will discuss why it deserves to be evaluated as a good SSD in the following four aspects:


Various Choices for Capacity:

Crucial offers the MX500 in a wide range from 250GB to 4TB, increasing the diversity of available choices.


Excellent performance:

The Crucial MX500 can deliver 39MBps read speeds and 101MBps write speeds on a speed test, and it is adept at transferring large files.


Low Price:

Low cost per gigabyte - The MX500's capacity iterations don't even cost more than 30 cents per GB. It is affordable compared to the Samsung SSD 860 Pro, which can push 50 cents per GB.


Long Warranty:

With a long warranty of 5 years, this product will leave you with no worries about what to do when the SSD is corrupted or damaged. 

The four advantages mentioned above are the reasons why you should choose it. For full information, you can check the review from the EaseUS editor below:

EaseUS Editor's Review
Regared as a top-notch performance SATA drive, not only because it has a competitive price that is cheaper than well-known serial SATA SSDs like the Samsung SSD 860 Pro but also due to its high throughput speed. So it's a good choice for most everyday use cases faced by temporary upgrades.

Crucial MX500 vs. Crucial BX500

This section will talk about some differences between the BX500 and MX500, which can help you decide which is better. Keep reading to learn more detailed information. 

What is Crucial BX500

Compared to the Crucial MX series, the Crucial BX series focuses on SSDs with a streamlined, clean design and some useful accessories and powerful features. As the successor to the popular Crucial BX300 SSD, Crucial BX500 SSD comes with a 6 Gb/s or SATA III interface option and is available in five capacities up to 2TB.

What Are the Differences Between MX500 and BX500

This section mainly analyzes their differences in the four aspects below. Check the list first:

  1. 1. Storage Capacity
  2. 2. Interface and Form Factors
  3. 3. Performance: Read and Write Speed
  4. 4. Durability and Warranty

1. Storage Capacity

Needless to say, storage capacity is a mandatory consideration when selecting a hard drive. A large capacity can enable SSD to hold more videos and files. Both Crucial MX500 and Crucial BX300 SSD provide five different capacities, yet the Crucial MX500 can reach up to 4 TB.

2. Interface and Form Factors

The different form factors can determine whether this drive is portable, and the different interfaces control the connection speed between the disk and the computer. The Crucial BX500 has a 2.5-inch form factor and SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface, while the Crucial MX500 SSD is available in M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors, with the same SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface.

3. Performance: Read and Write Speed

As for performance, we will take about the sequential read and write speed of Crucial BX500 1TB and Crucial MX500 1TB. They have the same sequential read speed, but the Crucial MX500 SSD 1TB is 40 MB/s faster than the Crucial BX500 SSD 1TB.

4. Durability and Warranty

They both offer good reliability because they can write 360 TB of total bytes, which equals 197 GB per day for five years. The Crucial BX500 SSD gives you a 3-year limited warranty, yet the Crucial MX500 SSD can provide a 5-year limited warranty.

Review from PC MagzineA speedy SSD significantly boosts system performance because its memory cells allow much faster access to stored data than is possible from a moving drive head. The MX500 is among the fastest SATA drives we've tested, which means that it will offer a dramatic improvement if you're using it to replace an older HDD.
EaseUS Editor's Review
If you have a short budget and want a lightweight and economical SSD, the Crucial BX500 SSD is designed for you. However, if you want an SSD that fits all notebooks or most desktop chassis with faster sequential speed, the Crucial MX500 will be your perfect choice since it's available in both M.2 and 2.5-inch.

Click to view more helpful information about Crucial MX500 vs. Crucial BX500:


All in all, the Crucial MX500 is a top-performing SATA drive with surprising pricing. It provides various capacities and is available in M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors. Its ample storage allows you to save a lot of documents, pictures, videos, and games. In addition, with an excellent sequential read and write speed, the Crucial MX500 enables you to start your system in seconds. And they are easy to install. A fantastic SSD with these features is worth buying.

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