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Regarding Windows operating systems, the need to locate the product key has been a crucial aspect of software management. With the advent of Windows 11, users often search for efficient methods to unearth their product keys. While the traditional approach involves navigating various settings, the Command Prompt (CMD) provides a swift and straightforward solution.

By using specific commands within the CMD interface, users can access their Windows 11 product key with relative ease. In this guide, EaseUS will delve into how to find the Windows 11 product key using CMD. It will offer a step-by-step walkthrough for users to streamline their Windows 11 experience.

Can You Find the Windows Product Key Using CMD?

Yes, you can find the Windows product key using CMD. Introduced by Microsoft, the Command Prompt (CMD) is a powerful built-in tool in Windows. It allows users to execute various commands and perform advanced system tasks. 

Alternatively, users can opt for a third-party solution like the EaseUS Key Finder. The EaseUS Key Finder offers a user-friendly interface, enabling users to swiftly retrieve their Windows 11 product key. You don't need to go through the intricate command execution. This software presents an accessible option for users who may not be familiar with CMD.

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Find Windows 11 Product Key Using Key Finder

  • ⏱️Duration: Quick and Straightforward
  • 🎈Difficulty: Easy
  • 🧑‍💻Suitable Users: Novice and Experienced Windows Users

EaseUS Key Finder is an effective tool to get the product keys you may have displaced or forgotten. It is a smart utility to recover the Windows and Windows Server product keys installed on your computer. Also, it helps you recover saved passwords from your web browsers and unremembered Wi-Fi passcodes.

Following are the steps you can follow to find the product key of Windows 11 via EaseUS Key:

Step 1. Click "Windows" tab under the Registry Key.

find windows product key 1

Step 2. Check Windows product key on the right side. Click "Copy" to paste. Or select other two options:

"Save" - Save to local as a PDF file.

"Print" - Click to print key file.

find windows product key 2

Other Functions of EaseUS Key Finder

  • It allows you to back up activation keys into text files and save them as a PDF document. 
  • Users can also find and save serial numbers of Adobe and Office applications and Windows product keys. 
  • This software provides 24/7 technical support for the guidance of their users. 

Download it, and you can manage your Windows password better.

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How to Find Windows 11 Product Key Using CMD

  • ⏱️Duration: Short
  • 🎈Difficulty: Intermediate
  • 🧑‍💻Suitable Users: Intermediate and Advanced Windows Users

Using Command Prompt to uncover your Windows 11 product key is a quick and efficient method. This is particularly for those comfortable with executing commands in the Windows Command Prompt. This method provides a direct and effective way to access your Windows 11 product key using the Command Prompt.

Here is how to find the Windows 11 product key using CMD:

Step 1: Use the "Win + S" keys to access the Windows Search bar, look for Command Prompt, and run as administrator to open CMD with administrator privileges.

Step 2: Run the following command, and the Windows product key will appear on the screen:

"wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey"

find product key

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Don't forget to share this tutorial with other Windows 11 users who might benefit from these simple yet effective methods for retrieving their product keys. Sharing knowledge can help others streamline their Windows experience and avoid unnecessary hassle.



In summary, this article has provided insights into how to find the Windows 11 product key using CMD. First, utilizing the Command Prompt (CMD) offers a direct and efficient way to access the product key for users comfortable executing commands. Second, the EaseUS Key Finder presents a user-friendly alternative suitable for users of all levels, providing a hassle-free solution to retrieve the product key.

For a smooth and user-friendly experience, it is highly recommended to opt for the EaseUS Key Finder. Its intuitive interface and straightforward functionality make it an ideal choice for users seeking a convenient and reliable way to locate their Windows 11 product key. By employing this tool, users can streamline their Windows 11 management and ensure a smooth and hassle-free operation.

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FAQs About Find Windows 11 Product Key Using CMD

Should you require additional information on how to find the Windows 11 product key using CMD, delve into the responses to the frequently asked questions provided below. For a more comprehensive understanding, do not hesitate to revisit this segment for elucidation and assistance:

1. Why is my product key not showing in CMD?

If your product key isn't appearing in CMD, it could result from particular system settings or modifications within your Windows operating system. Ensure you're inputting the command accurately and that your system is operating on a genuine version of Windows.

2. How do I find my Windows 10 product key?

You can use the following steps to find your Windows 10 product key:

Step 1: Press the "Win + X" keys to access the power menu and click Windows PowerShell (Admin).

Step 2: Once it is open, run the following command to find the Windows 10 product key:

“powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').OA3xOriginalProductKey"

3. How to find the Windows 11 product key in the registry?

Here is how you can find the Windows 11 product key in the registry:

Step 1: Press the "Windows + R" keys simultaneously to access the Run dialog box. Then, to launch the Registry Editor with administrative privileges, enter 'regedit' and use the "Ctrl + Shift + Enter" key combination.

Step 2: Now navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform."

Step 3: Here, find the "BackupProductKeyDefault key," and you will be able to find the Windows 11 product key in front of it.

4. What is the Windows 11 product key?

A Windows 11 product key is a unique alphanumeric code that is a crucial authentication element for your Windows 11 operating system. It is essential for the activation and continued use of the Windows 11 software on your device.

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