Why Is My PS4 Controller Flashing White and How to Fix

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Is your PS4 controller flashing white light consistently? Are you looking forward to perfecting assistance to resolve this issue quickly? Then follow the post till the end. 

A flashing white light on your PS4 controller usually indicates that the controller is trying to connect to the console. This can happen if the controller has been disconnected from the console or if you're using a new controller that hasn't been paired with the console.

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If you are not willing to shell off your brand-new controller to get rid of this annoying situation, take a while and follow up with a few troubleshooting programs to get the absolute solution. 

PS4 controlelr flashing white

Why Is My PS4 Controller Flashing White

Flashing up the white light in your PS4 controller is a common issue that can be fixed conveniently. It is always advised to go through the different reasons behind the problem before jumping onto its fixes. If you are also willing to know what is serving behind the main reasons, here are the three for you.

Syncing issues with the console

Having some syncing issues with the consoles may also lead to the flashing up of the white light on the PS4 controller. Try turning off your PS4 console, then unplugging it from the wall for at least 30 seconds. This will factory reset PS4 console and clear any temporary issues that may be causing the controller to have problems connecting.

Syncing issues with the console

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A low battery or charging issues

The low battery of the PS4 controller also serves behind the flashing white light. Just plug your controller directly into the console and allow it to charge, and it will take only about two hours for the battery to set completely. If you fail to charge your PS4 controller, the chances are higher that something is wrong with the charging cable, battery, or charging port.

Hardware malfunctions or defects

The damaged USB ports, hardware defects, or malfunctions can prevent the PS4 controller from working correctly. 

Other PS4 Errors:

Troubleshooting Steps for a Flashing White PS4 Controller

Flashing White PS4 Controller is a very annoying situation no one wants to face. But if you are facing it now, don't worry. We are here with absolute troubleshooting options for you.

1. Check the battery and charging status

Whenever you get into an annoying situation with Flashing White PS4 Controller, the first thing you can do in the league is check the battery and its charging status. Put your battery on charge and check its charging status after two hours. The PS4 controller takes about two hours to get ultimately charged. If not, you can check for the charging cable, the charging port, or the battery itself to find the possible reason behind the same. 

2. Try syncing the controller to the console again

The other possible reason behind the PS4 controller flashing white is the failure in the syncing of the controller. Failure to establish proper connections with the PS4 controller may lead to this issue. To avoid it and get complete access, check out your USB and Bluetooth connections ideally.

3. Check for any loose connections or damaged parts

If you have tried the above steps and are still experiencing issues, it may be helpful to double-check all of your connections and look for any damaged or malfunctioning components. If you identify any damaged parts on your PS4 controller, replacing them may help resolve the issue. Try re-establishing connections after replacing any damaged parts.

Get a new PS4 controller to replace an old and bad one.
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4. Try resetting the controller

Resetting the controller also works as a tremendous help in case you are facing an issue PS4 Controller flashing white. To reset a PS4 controller, press the small, circular reset button on the back of the controller using a paperclip or similar object. Then, press and hold the PS and Share buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds until the light on the controller starts flashing. This will reset the controller and allow you to pair it with the console again.

5. Contact PlayStation support for further assistance

If none of the suggested troubleshooting steps have resolved your issue, you may consider contacting PlayStation's customer support for further assistance. The customer care team at PlayStation is dedicated to providing timely and practical solutions to their customers' needs.

Preventive Measures for Avoiding A Flashing White PS4 Controller

Prevention is better than cure. It is not only a proverb but an absolute truth that we can't ignore. Prevention helps you in saving from getting into the worst situation always.

You can opt for different things to avoid getting into the situation with PS4 Controller Flashing White. If you are eager to know what they are, check out the few we are providing you below:

  • Keep the controller charged and avoid letting the battery run completely dry to ensure seamless functioning. 
  • Avoid subjecting the controller to extreme temperatures or moisture so it can run smoothly.
  • Handle the controller gently and avoid rough handling or dropping it. Rough handling or dropping may cause severe issues in your controllers and can affect your accessibility later on.
  • Make sure to clean the controller regularly to remove any dirt or debris stuck in the battery panel.


I hope this guide has helped you resolve the issue of your PS4 controller flashing white. It can be frustrating to be unable to access your services due to this problem. There are various reasons why this issue may occur, including issues with the battery, connections, syncing, or malfunctioning components.

Care for and maintain your controller correctly to prevent this issue from occurring again. Keep it charged and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture. By following these preventive measures, you can ensure that your controller is always in good working order.

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