What Is Chrome.exe *32 and How to Remove Chrome.exe *32 Malware

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When you launch Chrome on your PC or Mac, the process is available as Chrome.exe in the Task Manager or Process Manager. But if you are launching Chrome, facing failure, and notice that what is running is a Chrome.exe *32, then you may feel that there is an issue. This post will discuss Chrome.exe *32 and how to remove Chrome.exe *32 Malware.

Be aware that not all Chrome extensions are malware, and we will help you identify the difference between the two.

What Is Chrome.exe *32

If you notice Chrome (32-bit) running on your PC, then it is an executable file that belongs to Google Chrome. This file runs in the background and successfully helps you access the different internet files. Google Chrome is a legitimate background process used by the Google Chrome Browser. Therefore, you don't need to worry if you find multiple Chrome.exe methods. 

It is the 32-bit version of Chrome that runs on a 64-bit processor, hence creating confusion.

However, if you notice Chrome.exe *32 listed in the running processes, you must run the antivirus scan. The best thing one could do is to identify the difference between the open file location and check if it is the default location of Chrome or something else.

What Is Chrome.exe *32 Virus

Chrome.exe is an executable file extension designed to successfully open and run the Chrome browser on your computer system. But if we talk about Chrome.exe *32 viruses, it is malware that relates to the Trojan and imitates the Chrome.exe files. 

If your PC is infected with the Chrome.exe *32 aka Poweliks, you should notice a very high CPU usage along with multiple instances of Chrome.exe *32

It is a harmful virus for a computer system that can cause a severe threat to your computer. These files often pretend to be safe programs on your device but are designed to steal all your data from your device and deploy other malware files on your computer system.

A reliable antivirus option can easily remove this virus from a computer system. However, you can follow the guide to find the absolute answer if it is still there. 

The main reasons why these malware infections contact the remote host are"

  • It uploads the data stolen from the affected computer to other servers or systems.
  • It receives configuration or other data from an infected system.
  • It reports the new infections to its author.
  • It downloads and executes arbitrary files on your computer system.
  • It receives instructions from the remote attacker and runs them on the target source.

Chrome.exe *32 Virus Removal Guide

Remove Chrome.exe *32 malware with Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is the default antivirus program of the Windows operating system. One can easily remove Chrome.exe *32 malware. The only thing that you have to do here is:

Part 1: Enable/Disable Microsoft Defender PUA Protection in Windows 10

Step 1: Launch elevated Windows PowerShell on your device. A prompt message on your screen shows the User Account Control option. Tap on the Yes button to continue with the process.

Step 2: Once done with it, type the following command to enable the Windows PowerShell Windows and then press Enter button to execute the same:

Set-preference - PUAProtection 1

Step 3: Once done with it, restart your computer and run a new Microsoft Defender Antivirus scan on your device.

Step 4: For disabling Microsoft Defender PUA Protection, the command you have to type is:

Set-preference -PUAProtection 0

Part 2: Scan Files, Folders, and Drives manually

Step 1: Launch File Explorer on your PC, and select the drive, folder, or file option that you suspect includes the potential malicious program.

Step 2: Go to the Context Menu option and right-click on the Scan with Windows Defender option.

Scan with Microsoft Defender

Step 3: Once done with the scanning process successfully, the Windows Security option will launch on your device and show the results for you. 

Step 4: If any threats are found, Windows Security will inform you about them, along with the threat names and location. One can easily remove these threats by tapping on the Start actions button.

Scan Results Windows Security

Once done, you can close the Windows Security app and start using your computer system effortlessly.

Part 3: Scan with Microsoft Defender in Windows Security

A quick scan with Microsoft Defender in Windows Security can help you successfully remove the annoying malware infection. 

Launch Windows Security on your device, tap on the Virus & Threat Protection option, and perform the regular or full scan to enable the seamless scan over your Google Chrome.

Scan Options Windows Defender


So, Guys! I hope you have gotten to know what Chrome.exe *32 virus is and how to remove it successfully from your device. Malware infection is one of the most annoying situations that not only creates a security threat to the user's data but also severely affects the overall functionality of the device and leads one toward the computer crashing. 

It is advised to remove the Chrome.exe *32 viruses immediately as soon as it appears on their device. We know that the entire process is complex and is not easier to access by everyone. We have provided you with a detailed approach to remove this annoying error successfully. Make sure to follow up on the given guide very carefully. 

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