How to Download and Install ADB Drivers on Windows 11[2024 Updated]

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The article discusses methods to download and install ABD drivers on your Windows 11. Please review the detailed steps throughout this article to learn more about them.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. By Using ADB Installer on A PC We can download the ADB drivers with ADB Installer, an all-in-one package...Full steps
Fix 2. By Using Set Up Wizard by XDA XDA developers have configured a more straightforward way of downloading...Full steps
Fix 3. Download It Automatically You can download the ADB and Fastboot drivers automatically...Full steps
Fix 4. By Using SDK Platform Tools You can use SDK platform tools to help you better download...Full steps

Android is one of the most advanced OS with extraordinary features in the current world. But if we wish to perform off-limits operations like downloading Android apps, firmware upgrades, and ROMs flash on your PC, you need to use ABD. ABD (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot are bridges between mobiles and PCs to carry out such acts on your devices.

The ADB and Fastboot are crucial parts of Android development. We can control and perform actions on our Android phones using our PCs. We need to download the proper drivers for ADB and Fastboot to facilitate the functions. Using these features, developers can debug to get hold of local programs on the platform.

The ADB is based on a client-server architecture with three components in it. The client, daemon, and server make up ADB, but more is needed. First, we need to set up the android device in the ADB interface.

These work correctly only if you have ADB drivers on your PC. They facilitate the whole interfacing and managing process between the devices. The article discusses methods to download and install ADB drivers on Windows 11. Continue reading to learn the procedures.

Methods to Download and Install ADB Drivers

ADB drivers can be installed manually or automatically. But first, let us look at the methods in detail.

Fix 1. Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers Using ADB Installer on A PC

We can download the ADB drivers with ADB Installer, an all-in-one package. It takes a few minutes to download and set up the drivers on your device.

Steps to download the ADB drivers using ADB Installer:

Step 1. Go to the ADB Installer website and download and install the ADB driver on your computer.

Step 2. Go to the file location, right-click on it, and run it as administrator.

run it as administrator

Step 3. A command Prompt opens with a command line: Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot?

do you want to install adb and fastboot

Step 4. Press "Y" and "Enter" until the below popup appears on your device.

Step 5. Click on "Finish" to install the drivers.

Fix 2. Install ADB and Fastboot Using Set Up Wizard by XDA

XDA developers have configured a more straightforward way of downloading and installing ADB and Fastboot drivers. As a result, we do not need to go through the extensive processes above to get them on your PC.

Steps to download ADB and Fastboot using set up Wizard on Windows 11:

Step 1. Download the "SDK platform tools" file for Windows from here.

Step 2. Extract the downloaded files from the folder and follow the instructions to install them on your device.

Step 3. Open the file in administrator mode and let the Wizard get the latest drivers on your computer, connecting it with your Android device.

Fix 3. Download ADB and Fastboot Drivers Automatically

You can download the ADB and Fastboot drivers automatically. With just one click, we can install and complete the whole process. The software does all the installation and setup work by itself. This option saves time and gets the latest driver version on your PC.

download adb automatically

But before the automatic installation, ensure your "USB debugging" is enabled on your Android device.

Step 1. Go to the "settings" on your device.

Step 2. Navigate to "My Device" section.

Step 3. Tap on the Android version until your device receives a "You are now a developer" popup.

Step 4. You can see the "USB debugging" option if you go back to settings. Please enable it, and you will be ready for automatic installation.

Fix 4. Download and Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers Manually Using SDK Platform Tools

You can use SDK platform tools to help you download and install ADB and Fastboot drivers better.

Step 1. Go to the SDK platform and click "Download SDK Platform Tools for Windows."

download SDK platform tools for windows

Step 2. Agree to the terms and conditions and download the tool.

agree to the terms and conditions

Step 3. Locate the zip file and move it to the C drive on your device.

Step 4. Right-click on the file and "Extract all" the files.

extract all

Step 5. Go to the folder, right-click on the space, and click "Open in terminal."

open in terminal

Step 6. Run the below commands to see the connected Android devices on your PC.


adb devices


Final Verdict

Android tools are an essential part of the Android Platform, and most importantly, interface tools like ADB and Fastboot are extensively used for app development. Along with the software, we also need drivers to support the process and do the job efficiently. The article discusses four simple methods to download and install the ADB drivers on Windows 11 to connect and control your Android devices from your PC. Please go through them and choose the best to complete the download and set up of ADB on your device.

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