How to Use EaseUS Todo Backup for Personal and Home Users?

EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Home edition, the best backup and recovery software for home users, create backup plans to protect your digital life from destructive disaster and fast restore your system, disks/partitions, files or emails to original status.

Launch the program. The main window is made up of two main areas. The navigation bar on the left side lists the primary backup features. The rest of the window is the operations area. Select the feature that you want to perform and follow the prompted windows in the operations area. A schedule can be set for all backup operations, click ‘Schedule’ to customize an automatic backup plan.

Below is a further explanation on the backup features found in the navigation bar. For a full discussion of the features and how to operate EaseUS Todo Backup, refer to the downloadable pdf user guide.

Backup Types

Set the backup type for any backup task: full backup, differential backup, or incremental backup. The backup mode can be selected in the backup "Schedule" settings.

Full Backup
A copy of the entire dataset on your selected disk or partition. The most complete type of backup, but also the most time-consuming. It is the basis for the other types of backup; a full backup must always be created first.

Differential Backup
A backup of all the data that has changed since the last full backup. As time goes on since the last full backup, each differential backup will take longer to process. Quicker backup process than conducting a full backup, and also fast to restore.

Incremental Backup
A backup of all the data that has changed since the last backup, no matter whether the last backup was full, differential, or incremental. This backup type is the fastest, because it will not re-backup files from previous tasks. But because many different incremental backups will need to be stitched together and updated into the full backup, it is the slowest to restore.

Disk/Partition Backup

Back up entire disks, especially the system drive (C drive), or partitions easily. Remember to remove out-of-date backup images with Backup Cleanup to save disk space.

Backup Cleanup
An optional setting to delete old backups to save disk space. This can be customized by clicking ‘Backup Cleanup’, found at the bottom of the window when creating a new backup task.

File Backup

Back up specific files/folders or file types: documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos, financial files, etc.

Smart Backup
The Smart "Backup Scheme" option is useful for database or shared files that are frequently updated. Smart backup will create a backup every 30 minutes, provided there is a change to the files in that time. It operates on a weekly schedule: a full backup will be made initially and every 7 days thereafter, the first backup of each other day will be differential, and all other backups will be incremental.

System Backup

A system backup backs up everything your current system requires to operate. Select system backup from the navigation bar, and execute the backup by clicking ‘Proceed’. If your computer experiences a system failure or crash, simply restore the system backup image to get it running as before.

Disk/Partition Clone

Migrate or copy all the data on a hard disk/partition to another one in order to upgrade or replace a hard drive. Choose the source disk/partition and the target disk/partition to transfer to.

System Clone

Clone or migrate your system to a new hard drive or computer without reinstalling the system and applications. Make sure that the capacity of the unallocated space on your target drive is larger than the total size of your boot and system partition.

Mail Backup

Back up emails; including inbox, outbox, deleted mail, drafts, calendar events, contacts, and notes in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

More Useful Tools

EaseUS Todo Backup Free & Home Editions come packed with a variety of versatile tools for all of your data needs. These include Check Image, Create Emergency Disk, Wipe Data, Mount/Unmount, Refresh Disk, and more.

Check the downloadable pdf user guide for a full desciption of all the available tools and backup features.

EaseUS Todo Backup User Guide