EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac

Optimize disk space on your Mac and boost Performance. An improved Mac is just clicks away.

Main Window

Display of your Mac's specs & information including the processor, RAM, graphics card, and serial number. Current disk and memory usage are also shown.

Fast Cleanup

Find junk files on the system drive to save disk space and improve your Mac performance.
Click “Scan” to start the junk file search. Select the files you want to remove from the results and click “Clean Up”.

Browser Plug-ins

Select a web browser to remove extensions, cookies, and cache items from then click “Clean Up”. The bookmarks and history will not be removed.

Free Memory

Monitor your current RAM status. Free up RAM space to speed up Mac processing by clicking “Free memory”.

Login Items

Select only the necessary startup applications in order to launch your Mac faster.

Duplicate Finder

Select a location or file folders to find duplicates in. Optionally set the size range of files to scan. After scanning, click “smart select” to delete all duplicates or manually select duplicated files to remove.

Disk Usage

View the size of your files and folders by file-type. Remove unwanted large files to free up more disk space.


Browse the applications on your Mac and delete unused or unnecessary apps thoroughly along with their caches, logs, and preferences. Removing unneeded system applications, in particular, will speed up your Mac.