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How to Clone A Drive with Bad Sectors

2016-05-25 16:35:03 Posted by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

EaseUS Todo Backup is the best free cloning software that is able to clone a drive (HDD/SSD) with bad sectors. Sector by sector clone would clone everything on the disk even with bad and blank sectors.

What's the best software to clone failing HDD/SSD that has bad sectors?

"I have a 2TB Seagate drive that is failing with 34% bad sectors. I plan to clone it to a 2TB WD Black hard drive. Yesterday, I tried some cloning software but got 'failure to copy' error in the same way and then it just stopped the cloning task. Now I really need to find the best cloning software that can clone (OS, programs, files, etc) HDD with bad sectors. Any advice shall be greatly appreciated."

Disk cloning software usually works for events when you upgrade hard disk from a smaller one to a larger one, or from an old one to a new one. By cloning operating system, installed programs, files, mails, photos and other data would largely save time and energy to reinstall them. But once your old hard drive is diagnosed with bad sectors, most of the time, the cloning procedure will be interrupted immediately. Thus, to find a powerful disk and partition cloning software that can clone bad sectors becomes significantly important.

EaseUS sector by sector clone enables to clone hard drive with bad sectors

Taking bad sectors into consideration, EaseUS Todo Backup, known as the best free backup software and disk/partition cloning software in the market, provides a unique cloning feature called sector by sector clone. When the software detects blank or logically bad sectors from the source disk, it won't terminate the process but work on the bad sectors cloning without interruption.

Sector by sector clone guide

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup Free and go to "Clone" feature.

choose clone option

Step 2. Select the source disk you want to clone and then click Next in the Disk/Partition Clone window.

choose source disk

Step 3. Select the destination disk and then click Next. Here you can find the Sector by sector clone option in Advanced options, tick this option, then you can clone all sectors from source disk to destination disk. If you're clone hard drive to an SSD, tick Optimize for SSD to improve SSD performance.

choose sector by sector clone

Step 4. Preview the disk layout and then click Proceed to execute the disk cloning.

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