EaseUS Todo Backup Error Codes List(2)

The table below is a collection of EaseUS Todo Backup error codes that would help you to figure out the right way for the problem. If you didn't find the error code of your problem, more to see EaseUS Todo Backup error code list 1.

Error Codes Meaning Error Codes Meaning
0X*****00A Failed to create interface pointer, please verify if the image file exists and is complete. 0X*****00B Disk or partition space is insufficient, please change destination or clear useless data and try again later.
0X*****00C Invalid data. 0X*****00D Long destination path, the path you set is out of system limitation, please specify a short path and try again.
0X*****00E Cache space not big enough. 0X*****00F Network failure, please make sure network works properly and try again.
0X*****01A The operation was cancelled. 0X*****01B This operation will be executed after reboot.
0X*****01C Specified folder not processed. 0X*****01D Directory (file) existed, please tick "Overwrite existing files" option to recover.
0X*****01E The directory files reach the limit, no new files can be created. 0X*****01F Ignore all operations.
0X*****02A Failed to retrieve disk path. 0X*****02B Image file ID incorrect.
0X*****02C Failed to find USB. 0X*****02D No device found or network disconnected.
0X*****02E Logical drive is not available. 0X*****02F You need to reboot the machine to complete the operation.
0X*****3FF Unknown error. 0X*****04A The type of disc not supported.
0X*****04B Failed to erase disc information. 0X*****04C Making ISO files failure.
0X*****04D The path name is incorrect. 0X*****04E Getting burning process failure.
0X*****04F Oversize burning file. 0X*****06A Locking volume failure.
0X*****06B Unlocking volume failure. 0X*****06C No password protection.
0X*****07A Temporary directory space not enough. 0X*****07B Bad Disk not supported.
0X*****08A Recover next image. 0X*****08B Mismatched bitmaps.
0X*****08C Unmount volume failure. 0X*****08D Update partition information failure.
0X*****08E Mount volume failure. 0X*****08F Timeout
0X*****10A Error occurs when mapping files. 0X*****10B Error occurs when creating mapping file.
0X*****10C Copying file failure. 0X*****10D Deleting file failure.
0X*****10E Searching file failure. 0X*****10F Failed to open specified file, the file is not existing or invalid.
0X****FF00 Failed to init volume. 0X*****20A Invalid Transmit type.
0X*****20B Illegal package property. 0X*****20C Failed to start broadcast monitor, please restart EaseUS Todo Backup and try again.
0X*****20D Failed to create command transmit object Shift. 0X*****20E Unable to communicate, communication transmit layer not created.
0X*****20F Unable to communicate, communication layer not created. 0X*****21A Failed to create Option.
0X*****21B Invalid profile operation. 0X*****21C Pointer to profile is null.
0X*****21D Unable to transmit data, communication layer open failure. 0X*****21E Selected partition type not supported
0X*****22A Failed to create XML file. 0X*****22B Failed to open XML file.
0X*****22C Failed to create XML file child node. 0X*****22D Failed to get XML child node.
0X*****22E Failed to get content of XML child node. 0X*****22F Pointer to operate XML file is null.
0X*****24A Failed to set event. 0X*****24B Failed to reset event.
0X*****24C Need more buffer space. 0X*****24D Downcast Failed.
0X*****24E Filtering constraint for file backup and recovery is null, please reset current task (plan). 0X*****24F No partitions were selected when performing safe removal.
0X*****25A Cannot execute the task. Another task is running, please execute the new task after the running task completed. 0X*****25B Unknown command.
0X*****25C Failed to load PIPE module. 0X*****25D Failed to get PIPE function pointer.
0X*****25E Failed to initialize PIPE service. 0X*****25F Failed to close PIPE.
0X*****26A Failed to log on the network (probably wrong username and password). 0X*****26B Insufficient allocated memory. More memory is required (Reallocate the memory according to the return size, and then call again).
0X*****26C Failed to enumerate Network. 0X*****26D Require more memory to enumerate Network.
0X*****26E Unable to connect the computer. 0X*****26F Unable to open Network.
0X*****27A Failed to set thread priority. 0X*****27B TBService.exe is prepared to run.
0X*****27C Failed to run TBService.exe. 0X*****27D Stopping EaseUS Todo Backup agent service.
0X*****27E Cannot execute the command. Another command is running, please execute the new command after the running command completed. 0X*****27F No plan or task is running.
0X*****28A Failed to unmount folder. 0X*****28B Failed to get the file attribute.
0X*****28C Failed to send E-mail. 0X*****28D Failed to preview (edit) disk backup plan and task.
0X*****28E Failed to preview (edit) file backup plan and task. 0X*****28F No Tbservice is running.
0X*****29A Program exception, please restart computer and try again. 0X*****29B Invalid file version, please reinstall Todo Backup and try again.
0X*****29C Program exception, please restart computer and try again. 0X*****29D Service exception, please restart computer and try again.
0X*****29E Service exception, please restart computer and try again. 0X*****29F Failed to get current execution path.
0X*****2A0 Not enough privileges to run the plan, please re-enter the correct username and password in Edit -> Schedule. 0X*****2A1 Failed to get current administrator account.
0X*****2A2 Shutdown 0X*****2A3 Network logon username and password error.
0X*****2A4 This feature is not available in current controlled version. 0X*****2A6 Invalid backup plan or task parameter. Please check it and try again.
0X*****2A7 Backup plan is running, it cannot be deleted. 0X*****2A8 Incorrect network map path.
0X*****2A9 Backup plan is running, the modified information cannot be stored. 0X*****2AA Fail to create backup directory, identical directory may exist or the path inaccessible.
0X*****2AB No disk/partition backup task available. Incremental or Differential disk/partition backup must be based on disk/partition backup. 0X*****2AC No file backup task available. Incremental or Differential file backup must be based on file backup.
0X*****2AD Wrong username or password. 0X*****2AE Current user has no permissions of Administrators group.
0X*****2AF Unable to create the new folder. The destination already contains a folder with the same name. 0X*****2B1 The parameter you entered is incorrect. Maybe the target operating system is incorrect, please check target operating system.
0X*****2B2 Memory allocation failure, this might be caused by memory insufficiency. 0X*****2B3 Failed to call internal basic function, please send the log (log path: X:\windows\temp\winlog.log) to support@todo-backup.com for help.
0X*****2B4 Target system is not a normal operating system. 0X*****2B5 Program execution exception. Contact the professional who wrote the program.
0X*****2B6 Failed to upgrade or recover registry permissions, please send the log (log path: X:\windows\temp\winlog.log) to support@todo-backup.com for help. 0X*****2B7 Failed to load target system registry to PE, please send the log (log path: X:\windows\temp\winlog.log) to support@todo-backup.com for help.
0X*****2B8 Failed to read or write registry key. 0X*****2B9 Invalid class member parameter. please send the log (log path: X:\windows\temp\winlog.log) to support@todo-backup.com for help.
0X*****2BA Failed to open or close registry. 0X*****2BB HAL layer not found.
0X*****2BC HAL layer hardware ID and compatibility ID not match. 0X*****2BD Corresponding value in registry not found.
0X*****2BE Failed to allocate memory, maybe lack of memory, please add memory and try again. 0X*****2BF Failed to find Inf or drive file.
0X*****2C0 Failed to open or close Inf file. 0X*****2C1 Failed to add, delete, modify or enumerate key in registry.
0X*****2C2 Failed to call WindowsAPI function. 0X*****2C3 Failed to install the driver, maybe the target system is being used, please close the opened target partition.
0X*****2C4 Currently the new operation is not supported. Please waiting for upgrade. 0X*****2C5 Failed to copy file. Maybe the target file is being opened, please close the opened target system file.
0X*****2C6 Unable to find specified file or path. 0X*****2C7 Failed to create new SID, please send the log (log path: X:\windows\temp\winlog.log) to support@todo-backup.com for help.
0X*****2C8 Failed to set permissions. 0X*****2C9 Failed to open partition or disk.
0X*****2CA Failed to send IOCTL to disk or partition, please send the log (log path: X:\windows\temp\winlog.log) to support@todo-backup.com for help. 0X*****2CB Failed to read and write disk or partition.
0X*****2CC Failed to start boot.ini file, maybe the file is being used, please close the file and try again. 0X*****2CD Specified partition not found.
0X*****2CE Invalid partition or MBR. 0X*****2CF Input parameter error.
0X*****2D0 Input type of operation system error. 0X*****2D1 Operation was cancelled by user.
0X*****2D2 No hardware drives to install. 0X*****2D3 Failed to upgrade registry permissions.
0X*****2E0 The partition is protected by other applications. 0X*****2E1 Image checking is over, but failed to check some image versions.
0X*****2E2 Enumerate disk service is not started, please try later. 0X*****2E3 Pro OS initialization failed. Privileges may be insufficient.
0X*****2E4 Partition not supported. 0X*****2E5 File system error.
0X*****2E6 The number of selected partitions is exceeded. 0X*****2E7 Cannot copy iso file please verify that you have enough space or access to destination location and try again.
0X*****2E8 Home edition cannot explore disk image files, please try"Mount image" or upgrade to Professional edition. 0X*****2EA Could not back up some volumes in the source, you can restart system and try again.
0X*****2EC EaseUS Todo Backup not support the capacity larger than 2TB, please choose another one. 0X*****2ED Not enough free space of disk to store temp files. Please close other applications and try again.
0X*****30A The reserved interface cannot be called. 0X*****30B The entered path is invalid.
0X*****30C Wrong task type. 0X*****30D If this error happens when getting partition information, the current partition is empty. It doesn’t need to be shown in UI when backup, but needs to when recovery.
0X*****30E Parameter has not been saved. This might happen when UI trying to get the saved parameter. 0X*****30F Backup image has password.
0X*****31A User selected cancel. 0X*****31B User selected CD erasing.
0X*****31C Unknown user operation. 0X*****31D Specified partition not found.
0X*****31E Partition has existed in the list. 0X*****31F No more partition entry.
0X*****32A Disk adjustment parameter error, please change the destination disk to a bigger one and try again. 0X*****32B Source partition cannot be selected as destination.
0X*****32C UI image information has not been initialized. 0X*****32D image information for the recovery point not found.
0X*****32E Specified disk information is not found. 0X*****32F Unable to change partition size.
0X*****33A Unable to start VSS. 0X*****33B Failed to delete image files.
0X*****33C Getting image file list error. 0X*****33D Last image file is not found.
0X*****33E Incorrect image file. 0X*****33F Unable to delete image file.
0X*****34A System partition cannot be wiped. 0X*****34B Operation failure, target disk/partition is protected by EaseUS Todo Backup system snapshot.
0X*****34C VHD files are using on the destination partition you chose, if you want to continue, please stop using VHD files and try later. 0X*****35A No reparse point.
0X*****35B Writable volume is not found. 0X*****35C Image capacity insufficient.
0X*****35D Failed to start VSS. 0X*****35E Failed to execute junction files or directory.
0X*****35F Invalid file name. 0X*****36A Error initializing vhd vmdk file, please check if the VMDK installation package is correctly installed.
0X*****36B Cannot create the file. A file with the same name in destination location may already exist, you may not have enough permissions to this location or free space is insufficient. 0X*****36C Open error.
0X*****36D There are some errors in the process of transmitting the image file 0X*****36E No data needs backup.
0X*****36F The image files are not matching, please check the image files. 0X*****38A Failed to delete snapshot volume.
0X*****38B Ignore current error. 0X*****38C Ignore all errors.
0X*****38D Ignore all errors. 0X*****39A Failed to write file.
0X*****39B Failed to copy drive file. 0X*****39C MBR of XSS installed.
0X*****39D Invalid MBR. 0X*****39E Disk have too many fragments, or virtual protection file is too large.
0X*****39F Failed to get disk size. 0X*****3A0 Disk partition error.
0X*****3A1 Reserved space before the first partition is less than 63 sectors. 0X*****3A2 There are too many fragments, please run Disk Defragmenter and try again.
0X*****3A3 Block is not found. 0X*****3A4 Too many Blocks.
0X*****3A5 Internal file system error. 0X*****3A6 Protected partition.
0X*****3A7 The maximum number of protected partitions has been reached. 0X*****3A8 Partition is not found.
0X*****3A9 Internal error. 0X*****3AA Insufficient space for storing virtual protection file. Please restart computer and create new snapshot.
0X*****3AB Incorrect password. 0X*****3AC Failed to lock disk.
0X*****3AD The disk operation is busy. Failed to lock disk. Please try again later. 0X*****3AE Unable to find partition.
0X*****3AF Failed to delete recovery point. 0X*****3B0 Dynamic disk is not supported.
0X*****3B1 No recovery point. 0X*****3B2 Failed to get the snapshot point of protected system disk.
0X*****3BF Internal error. 0X*****3C0 Install Pre-OS failed, because system partition or boot partition is on dynamic disk or GPT disk. Create rescue disk failed, because target partition is on dynamic disk or GPT disk.
0X*****3C1 Cannot support cluster size on target partition. 0X*****3C2 Read-only device (unable to install).
0X*****3C3 Sector size not supported (unable to install). 0X*****3C4 Failed to assign the drive letter, please assign a drive letter to the device manually.
0X*****3C5 You need to partition and format the destination disk. 0X*****3C6 Format is required. Unsupported file system or partition is not formatted. (Do you want to format?)
0X*****3C7 There is no partition or active partition on target disk. 0X*****3C8 The system has started up without NTLDR or BOOTMGR.
0X*****3CA Failed to fetch disk space or volume space. 0X*****3CB Cannot support bitlocker partition.
0X*****3CC System(Boot) partition or destination partition is unwritable or unaccessible. 0X*****3CD System partition or boot partition is on VHD disk.
0X*****3CE Available CD-ROM drive not found. Please make sure the CD-ROM drive is available and then try again. 0X*****3CF Error when creating partition on the disk.
0X*****3D0 Failed to find the specific disk. 0X*****3D1 Failed to get OSVERSIONINFO structure from registry.
0X*****3D2 PreOS is required. 0X*****3D3 Unable to lock destination partition in PreOS.
0X*****3D4 Clone not supported in PreOS. 0X*****3D5 VHD volume is used by other programs, please close them and try again.
0X*****3D6 Boot partition and system partition are not at the same drive. 0X*****3D7 Incorrect global parameter.
0X*****3D8 Specified drive letter has been taken. Assign another and try again. 0X*****3D9 The destination partition cannot be set as boot partition, universal restore not supported.
0X*****3DA Specified partition or volume might be changed or deleted, please verify it or create a new backup task. 0X*****3DB Copy-on-write mechanism error, please close other programs and try again.
0X*****3DC Not enough continous memory. 0X*****3DD File system not supported.
0X*****3DE The data drive specified is not set to automatically unlock on the current computer and cannot be unlocked automatically. 0X*****3C9 Vmware disklib, short for VMware-vix-disklib-1.1.1-207031.i386.exe, not installed.
0X*****3E0 Specified files not found. 0X*****3E1 Recovery completed. But failed to recover parts of the directory (files), or some sectors can not be written.
0X*****3F0 Destination disk not found. 0X*****3F1 Source image file not found.
0X*****3F8 Todo Backup will clone specified partition via sector by sector, another partition required to store temporary files. 0X*****3F9 Error when connecting to FTP server, please check FTP parameters and try again.
0X*****3FA Failed to find specific volume in image file. 0X*****3FB Unable to write partition table, please verify if the disk MBR is protected.
0X*****3FC The type of partition or disk where operating system exists is not supported. 0X*****3FD Failed to install Pre-OS, because the simple volume that system partition or boot partition exists is not continuous.
0X*****3FE Failed to create bootable disk, the number of hidden sector is 0 in the active partition. 0X*****40A Failed to back up Service node.
0X*****40B No exchange backup task available. Incremental or Differential exchange backup must be based on exchange backup. 0X*****43A Failed to prepare Exchange storage group log recovery.
0X*****43B Failed to end Exchange storage group log recovery. 0X*****43C Failed to get local Server name.
0X*****43D Failed to connect Exchange. 0X*****43E Failed to recover Exchange.
0X*****43F Failed to recover some Exchange storage groups. 0X*****44A Failed to overwrite the recovery status.
0X*****44B Failed to recover Exchange Database. 0X*****44C Failed to recover Exchange Database.
0X*****44D Failed to recover Exchange Database. 0X*****44E No Storage Groups need to be restored.
0X*****44F No Mail database need to be restored. 0X*****60B Failed to gain information of connected computer, more details in FAQ.
0X*****60C Cannot connect to remote computer. View the Help document for more information. 0X*****60E Connected version is Free version. Remote connection is not avalible.
0X*****60D Failed to exchange data, please try again. 0X*****60F Current Exchange Server version is not supported.