EaseUS Todo Backup Error Codes List(1)

The table below is a collection of EaseUS Todo Backup error codes that would help you to figure out the right way for the problem. If you didn't find the error code of your problem, more to see EaseUS Todo Backup error cods list 2.

Error Codes Meaning Error Codes Meaning
0X*****001 Operation failed 0X*****278 Failed to create (start) process.
0X*****002 The DLL version is invalid 0X*****279 Failed to resume thread.
0X*****003 This version doesn't support the image format 0X*****280 Failed to read file.
0X*****004 The specified file not found 0X*****281 Failed to create plan or task.
0X*****005 Failed to start the program, please try again later or reinstall the program 0X*****282 The plan or task already exists.
0X*****006 Operation/type not supported. 0X*****283 This location is invalid.
0X*****007 The application is busy now, please try again later 0X*****284 Failed to update task or plan..
0X*****008 Memory is insufficient, please close some applications and try again. 0X*****285 Failed to stop plan or task.
0X*****009 The operation failed. Please restart the program or the computer and try again later 0X*****286 Failed to get history file of plan (No history file).
0X*****010 Network failure, please make sure network works properly and try again 0X*****287 Failed to initialize SMB.
0X*****011 System time out, try later 0X*****288 Mount is denied.
0X*****012 Unable to send data 0X*****289 Failed to mount folder.
0X*****013 You have no right to perform recovery 0X*****290 Failed to create real-time task.
0X*****014 Checking internal data failed 0X*****291 Failed to get plan or task list.
0X*****015 Partition type cannot be identified 0X*****292 Specified image version not found.
0X*****016 The image file is incomplete, refer to troubleshooting in Help 0X*****293 Failed to add E-Mail head field.
0X*****017 Invalid status 0X*****294 Failed to connect SMTP service.
0X*****018 The directory (file) name is too long, please verify the recovery path is not too long 0X*****295 Failed to set E-Mail text.
0X*****019 Data writing not over, but data processing completed 0X*****296 Read-only disk.
0X*****020 Failed to mount disk 0X*****297 TBService aborted.
0X*****021 Failed to unmount disk 0X*****298 Failed to rename task.
0X*****022 Failed to find image file 0X*****299 System resource not enough, please restart computer and try again.
0X*****023 The specified project backup not found 0X*****301 Finder not found.
0X*****024 Backup image file not found 0X*****302 No more files.
0X*****025 A full backup needed 0X*****303 Buffer is too small.
0X*****026 Failed to open backup 0X*****304 Unknown interface.
0X*****027 No modification, no backup needed 0X*****305 CommandPack interface error, please reinstall EaseUS Todo Backup and try again.
0X*****028 Labels setting error 0X*****306 Error parameter.
0X*****029 The operation was cancelled 0X*****307 Specified information is not found in local caches.
0X*****030 Wrong password 0X*****308 Backup image is not initialized.
0X*****031 Encryption failure 0X*****309 Specified task is used, unable to create task
0X*****032 Decryption failure 0X*****310 Backup image has no password.
0X*****033 Compression failure 0X*****311 Incorrect backup image password.
0X*****034 Decompression failure 0X*****312 Invalid execution parameter.
0X*****035 Failed to use channel 0X*****313 Source disk cannot be selected as destination.
0X*****036 Sending I/O commands error. 0X*****314 Target disk space too small.
0X*****037 Cannot find storage device 0X*****315 Target partition space too small.
0X*****040 Failed to read disc 0X*****316 Object registry failed.
0X*****041 Please insert a blank disc 0X*****317 Failed to create object.
0X*****042 No disc or unrecognizable disc available in CD-driver 0X*****318 Failed to initialize interface.
0X*****043 Failed to get CD information 0X*****319 Message call back function not set on interface.
0X*****044 Failed to burn CD 0X*****320 Not enough space on destination location.
0X*****045 Failed to get CD information 0X*****321 Current partition size is not supported by file system.
0X*****046 Failed to burn CD 0X*****322 Wrong cylinder size. The size of destination partition and its file system do not match.
0X*****047 Failed to burn CD 0X*****323 Wrong disk position.
0X*****048 Locking & unlocking disc failure 0X*****324 Partition size extends the limitation.
0X*****049 Ejecting failure 0X*****325 Please initialize first.
0X*****050 Not disk-carving drive 0X*****326 Exist file extension group.
0X*****060 Partition number error 0X*****327 Failed to get partition resize range.
0X*****061 Disk number error 0X*****328 Empty partition exists before the partition.
0X*****062 Error occurs when opening device manager 0X*****329 No empty partition.
0X*****063 Error occurs when obtaining current device manager 0X*****330 Disk type is not supported.
0X*****064 Error occurs when creating device manager 0X*****331 No more partitions can be created on destination disk.
0X*****065 Sent invalid command 0X*****332 Operating system is installed on target partition.
0X*****066 Checking command error 0X*****333 Image is on target partition/disk.
0X*****067 No source volume is selected 0X*****334 You cannot use read-only partition as the destination, if you want to continue, please cancel its read-only property.
0X*****068 No destination volume is selected 0X*****335 Current partition cannot be set as Active.
0X*****069 Enumerating files failure 0X*****336 Filter is not set.
0X*****070 Failed to install driver 0X*****337 Callback function is not set. Program internal error.
0X*****071 Failed to uninstall driver 0X*****338 Callback context is not set. Program internal error.
0X*****072 Failed to start service 0X*****339 No permission to access the file.
0X*****073 Failed to stop service 0X*****340 Unable to connect FTP server.
0X*****074 Cannot find specified files 0X*****341 Unable to get the computer name.
0X*****075 Invalid or long specified path 0X*****342 Backup image initialized, please check image and try again.
0X*****076 Failed to read sector 0X*****343 Unknown additional data type.
0X*****077 Failed to write sector 0X*****344 Invalid data offset.
0X*****078 EaseUS Todo Backup will back up partition sector by sector, but selected partition is source partition. This program doesn't support this feature, please choose another destination 0X*****345 Image file data error.
0X*****079 Invalid access, device locked by other applications 0X*****346 Not main backup image.
0X*****080 Some image files may not intact. 0X*****347 No image available.
0X*****081 Image version not found 0X*****348 Not file backup image.
0X*****082 Failed to find all image files. 0X*****349 File backup image is closed, please try again.
0X*****083 Failed to find all image files. 0X*****350 File backup image is open.
0X*****084 The specified image file not found. 0X*****351 Image migration module. Target path is the same as source path.
0X*****085 String overflow, please send the log to support@todo-backup.com for help 0X*****352 Image migration module. Task names do not match, please backup again.
0X*****086 String processing error, please send the log to support@todo-backup.com for help. 0X*****353 Image migration module. Task GUID doesn't match, please backup again.
0X*****087 Changing disc is canceled 0X*****354 Failed to delete directory of image migration module, please remove it manually.
0X*****088 Failed to find the compact disc with the image file. 0X*****355 Wrong disk operation type.
0X*****089 Base backup recovery not completed 0X*****356 Wrong file conversion type(Only disk backup file is valid).
0X*****090 Update system information failure 0X*****357 Wrong file conversion type (only disk backup file is valid).
0X*****091 Update system information failure 0X*****358 File path too long.
0X*****092 Update system information failure.It may caused by the hidden attribute of target partition. 0X*****359 One task's twice backup encryption setting is different.
0X*****093 FAT file system error detected, please perform chkdsk/f and try again. 0X*****360 Specified disk or partition not found.
0X*****094 Invalid boot record of FAT partition 0X*****361 Failed to open image file. The image file may be damaged or incomplete or you do not have the permission to access the image file.
0X*****095 Error found on the file system, please tick sector by sector recovery(or clone) and try again. 0X*****362 Image file is damaged.
0X*****100 Failed to run Windows API 0X*****363 Error volume ready to image.
0X*****101 Opening registration table failure. 0X*****364 Cannot read file.
0X*****102 Inquiring registration table failure 0X*****365 Cannot write file, disk space may be not enough.
0X*****103 Editing registration table failure. 0X*****366 An error occurred while getting volume start sector from image.
0X*****104 Failed to open file 0X*****367 Wrong image data.
0X*****105 Failed to create file 0X*****368 The image file is not complete or not invalid.
0X*****106 Failed to read file 0X*****369 There are some errors in the process of creating target file.
0X*****107 Failed to write file. 0X*****370 Filtering condition error.
0X*****108 Reach end of file 0X*****371 Finish to process filtering constraint.
0X*****109 Locating file failure 0X*****372 Filtering constraint head error.
0X*****110 Failed to load dynamic library, please reinstall EaseUS Todo Backup and try again 0X*****373 No volume deice in filtering constraint.
0X*****111 Failed to create directory, please verify if the root directory of the partition with largest free space on system and boot disk is writable. 0X*****374 No network computer in filtering constraint.
0X*****201 Pointer to network communication object is null 0X*****375 Target directory existed during image migration.
0X*****202 Dynamic library is damaged. 0X*****376 Error reading filtering constraint.
0X*****203 Failed to create the network communication object 0X*****377 Image splitting is too small.
0X*****204 Failed to initialize network service 0X*****378 Unable to execute destination file covering operation.
0X*****205 Internal error 0X*****380 Failed to initialize snapshot.
0X*****206 The command cancelled 0X*****381 Failed to create recovery point.
0X*****207 Asynchronous command timed out. 0X*****382 Failed to delete recovery point.
0X*****208 Failed to create the lower communication object. 0X*****383 Failed to uninstall snapshot.
0X*****209 Command timeout, please re-execute previous operation or restart the program and try again later 0X*****384 Recovery Failed.
0X*****210 Failed to create Transmit object. 0X*****385 Failed to open disk.
0X*****211 Invalid Transmit object. 0X*****386 Failed to open volume.
0X*****212 Boot partition and system partition cannot be wiped. 0X*****387 Failed to add disk.
0X*****213 Failed to recovery original network driver. 0X*****388 Failed to add volume.
0X*****214 Failed to get network drive information. 0X*****389 Failed to delete snapshot disk.
0X*****215 Failed to map network drive. 0X*****390 Internal error.
0X*****216 Failed to disconnect network drive 0X*****391 Failed to open file.
0X*****217 Failed to set TCP-IP address. 0X*****392 Failed to allocate memory.
0X*****218 Network adaptor driver not found, please install it and try again. 0X*****393 Too much defragment. Defragmenter or more free space is required.
0X*****219 Invalid subnet mask. 0X*****394 Failed to get file size.
0X*****220 Stopping group server 0X*****395 Failed to read file.
0X*****221 Existing group server. 0X*****396 Not fixed volume device.
0X*****222 Existing task group. 0X*****397 There are too many fragments, please run Disk Defragmenter and try again.
0X*****223 Existing group members of computers. 0X*****398 Volumes are not on a physical disk.
0X*****224 Group server not found. 0X*****399 Unknown partition format.
0X*****225 Task Group not found. 0X*****401 Current computer is not mailbox server role, or the name of Exchange server is not the same as current computer name, so backup and recovery are not supported on current computer.
0X*****226 Specified user cannot be found in Group. 0X*****402 Could not find local Exchange Server
0X*****227 Base64 code transfer fail 0X*****403 Failed to get node name.
0X*****228 Failed to open the code conversion. 0X*****404 Failed to create node in image file.
0X*****230 Failed to get XML root node. 0X*****405 Failed to initialize backup storage group.
0X*****231 Failed to convert coding. 0X*****406 Failed to initialize Store backup.
0X*****232 Failed to save XML file. 0X*****407 Failed to access database file.
0X*****233 Failed to create a pointer to XPath context. 0X*****408 No database file.
0X*****234 Expression to query XPath is null. 0X*****409 Failed to back up log.
0X*****235 XPath query result Node Set is null. 0X*****420 No matching storage group.
0X*****236 The file record node not found 0X*****421 Failed to get basic information.
0X*****237 Failed to inquiry the name of file record node. 0X*****422 Failed to get extended information.
0X*****238 Failed to create file record node property. 0X*****423 Failed to back up storage group.
0X*****239 Failed to get file record node property. 0X*****424 Failed to initialize PIPE.
0X*****240 Failed to get XML file namespace. 0X*****430 Failed to create or open backup node.
0X*****241 Failed to get the prefix explanation of XML file namespace. 0X*****431 Failed to create or open backup node property.
0X*****242 EaseUS Agent service not found, please reinstall EaseUS Todo Backup and try again. 0X*****432 Failed to create Exchange storage database.
0X*****243 Starting EaseUS Agent service, please wait... 0X*****433 Failed to Exchange storage group.
0X*****245 The operation failed. Please restart the program or the computer and try again later. 0X*****434 Failed to load Exchange storage database.
0X*****246 Failed to create thread. 0X*****435 Failed to uninstall Exchange storage database.
0X*****247 Callback function is null. 0X*****436 Failed to prepare Exchange storage group recovery.
0X*****248 Callback context is null. 0X*****437 Failed to end Exchange storage group recovery.
0X*****249 Unimplemented Interface. 0X*****438 Failed to prepare Exchange storage database recovery.
0X*****250 Invalid length of filtering constraint, please recreate current task (plan). 0X*****439 Failed to end Exchange storage database recovery.
0X*****251 Default file extension. 0X*****440 Failed to close file.
0X*****252 Default file extension group. 0X*****441 Cannot find specified node.
0X*****253 You have chosen a disk backup image, please choose the file backup image. 0X*****443 Cannot find specified node property.
0X*****254 System snapshot point not found. 0X*****444 The attribute is invalid.
0X*****255 Install the installed driver. 0X*****445 Failed to recover database.
0X*****256 Failed to launch iSCSI. 0X*****446 Failed to recover data.
0X*****257 The 26 drive letters have been taken,please release one to continue. 0X*****447 Failed to recover part of database.
0X*****258 Failed to create thread. 0X*****448 The number of database is over the max limitation
0X*****259 Failed to create event object. 0X*****449 The number of Storage Groups is over the max limitation.
0X*****260 PIPE failed to transmit data. 0X*****461 Named pipe is not initialized.
0X*****261 PIPE is not open. 0X*****462 Initializing named pipe.
0X*****262 Failed to set callback function. 0X*****463 Failed to initialize named pipe
0X*****263 Failed to start searching files. 0X*****464 Uninitializing named pipe
0X*****264 Failed to search files again. 0X*****465 Named pipe communication lost
0X*****265 All the files have been found. (search complete.) 0X*****466 Function failure
0X*****266 Invalid handle. 0X*****467 Executing failure
0X*****267 Failed to get the drive letters (c: d: and so on). 0X*****480 No matching Mail Store.
0X*****268 Other user is enumerating folders.. 0X*****481 Failed to execute Mail Store relative files.
0X*****269 The network is protected and cannot be accessed without specified permission. You can enter the username and password, please try again. 0X*****482 Cannot find Exchange version information.
0X*****270 TBService.exe launch failure, unable to start execution module. 0X*****483 Failed to backup Exchange Mail Store.
0X*****271 Failed to create object. (new failed. Probably insufficient memory) 0X*****484 Failed to initialize VSS
0X*****272 Failed to allocate memory (new failed. Insufficient memory). 0X*****501 Selected target partition is currently in use by another application, if you want to recover to this partition from tape, please boot Pre-OS manually to recover.
0X*****273 Failed to find specified plan or task. 0X*****502 There is not enough space to store the temp files of tape operations.
0X*****274 No scheduled plan or task. 0X*****503 The tape device is used by other applications, please try again later.
0X*****275 Failed to create directory. 0X*****504 The temp directory needed for recovery is unified with target partition. Please delete this partition and execute recovery, or you can select other space to recover.
0X*****276 Failed to open file. 0X*****510 Selected partition is nonexistent or not supported.
0X*****277 Failed to write file. 0X*****601 Source disk must be less than 2TB.
0X*****511 Selected storage path is invalid (Such as: CD/DVD ROM Drive). 0X*****602 The computer you tried to connect has achieved the limit number of simultaneous users.
0X*****603 Remote computer is being used by local user. 0X*****604 Local computer is being used by remote user.
0X*****606 Connected version has expired. 0X*****610 The number of computers can be managed has reached the license limit.
0X*****611 This client is not supported by central management.